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August 26, 2012

Illustrated Magazine

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This type of the press will be, also, object of a great expansion and already in 1876 Rio De Janeiro counted on half dozen of generally weekly satirical periodicals, whose drawing arrived the 10 a thousand units. Among them some oldest ones are distinguished as: The Illustrated Week, the Mosquito beyond the other most recent ones as the Mequetrefe, the Fgaro and the Illustrated Magazine (SCHWARCZ, 2007, p.416) the evolution of the periodical in Brazil, deserves prominence therefore gained quality, color and creativity to attract the reader. Making use of a simple language, it obtains to transmit information and knowledge many times for the simple drawing or illustration disperta the curiosity leading the reader to the biggest interest in all the available information regarding the used images. RESULTS If the periodical printed matter, has the capacity to attract the individual for image diagramming and conduziz it reading and consequence information, it can and must be used in schools in the learning of the pupils. The experiment carried through in the present work, occurred in located public school in the extreme east of So Paulo and transcribed of the following form: 60 periodical layers of circulation in the city of S.Paulo, Capital, in sequence chronological of time (per day) of 2 types of different periodicals being 30 considered of popular reading and 30 layers of considered periodicals of superior level as for the type of language and supplied information had been organized.

The layers had been glue in displayed paper card and in the walls of the pertaining to school unit. Beyond the 60 periodical layers, also they had been disponibilizados for comment, periodicals of other countries, beyond periodicals of quarter and other states. Beyond this material, also periodicals had been displayed old, with more than 10 years of the publication. After the visit directed for a professor, what it was observed through written activity is that the pupils had obtained to describe available information in periodicals, as well as the memorization for some images gifts in periodicals and tablides, being able then to be proven that the periodical use, facilitates the most important memorization and; the learning.

August 13, 2012

Social Welfare

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Contrariando the fashion of neoliberalismo, the world today, attends to a return of the state intervention in banks and private companies, release of bilionrios loans, protectionism of market and promotion of workmanships for the creation of jobs, call currently of neo-interventionism, a species of new edition of ‘ ‘ New Deal’ ‘ ‘ ‘ New State of Welfare Social.’ ‘ No longer Brazil, the economy that came in recent years growing, the crisis also arrived with everything, although the announcements of the government of that it would not affect the country in such a way, the numbers demonstrates the opposite, where the resignations already only surpass 700,000, being that Brazil would need to generate to each year about 1.000.000 jobs in order following the population growth. The announcements of self-sufficiency of the oil, discovered of new deposits of oil and natural gas in the layer daily pay-salt and the diversification of commercial exchanges with new partners for the world had mainly not been enough to contain the crisis. Although all the negative effect of the crisis, I believe that it is a possibility so that the man rethink its form of life he can make and it of sustainable form, in such a way ambiently as socially. A new democracy, where in fact it exists and includes all the society in the benefits of the globalizado world and half technician-scientific and informacional it is a way, thus searching, the necessary balance between the economy, the environment and the social one. Great concentration of income, bilionrios profits without the requirement of the social counterpart in job guarantee and income, and the wild consumption needs to finish. Luciano Coast.

August 7, 2012

The Challenge Of The Fanatism

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The Challenge of the Fanatism Wanderson Vitor Boareto; Graduated History and Bachelor in law; After Graduated History and Social Construction, Docncia of Superior Ensino and Enterprising Education. Summary the text analyzes the process of evolution of the society and its challenges before the fanatism and the fundamentalist aspects spread out by groups in some factions of our society. Beyond the stagnation that the fanatism promotes in its members. Words keys Fanatism, Intolerncia, Society, Manipulation, New Man, Globalization the world of century XXI is the world of the chances, of the advances of science and the technology. The access the information was never so easy and so fast, the chances of courses of superior formation and technician if they find to mounts in some modalities, how much in such a way in the distance actual. They are times of the globalization and the culturao of the nations. ' ' The man of today does not wait of the sky the sprouting of the new man. It tries to create it with the ways that sciences and the biological manipulation supply to it.

In our days the experiment-humanity is in processo.' ' (BOFF, PG12) However, with all the easiness of the modernization infused the fanatic groups are each time more in our society. It has fanatic groups in some sectors, the religion, the sport, the education, the politics and from there for ahead. It is clearly that levels of fanatism ones exist more intense than others, but of any form this way to think and to act takes the intellectual and social stagnation. ' ' In the bourgeois society, the capital is independent and personal, to the step that the active individual does not have independence nor personalidade.' ' (MAX, PG50) the question is also in the sectors that promote this militancy, is true brainwashings, people who suffer from some psychological pathology, is the targets most common.