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October 30, 2012

Philosophical Concepts

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Philosophical concepts In a perspective more global, but specific and classic, certainly that it is possible to advance some ideas of what is, and also of what is not, the Philosophy. Because one is difficult, seno impossible, exactly definiz it, then let us take refuge us in the possibility to clarify what it is not, leaving to the reading patient of this work, the ungrateful task to conclude, with all its wisdom, what he is, then, the Philosophy. Invoking Julian Marias, some steps of its thought are transcribed: ‘ ‘ For Philosophy they had been understood, mainly, two things: a science and a way of life. (…) Both the non-separable dimensions are e, of fact, had never appeared total off.

The Philosophy is a life way, an essential way that, exactly, it consists of living in a certain science and, therefore claims, it and demands. It is therefore a science that determines the direction of philosophical life. (…) In Aristotle the Philosophy is a rigorous science, the wisdom or to know par excellence. The science of the things while they are. (…) After de Aristotle, from the death of Alexander and to follow the Roman Empire all, the Philosophy is emptied of scientific content and is gone converting, each time more, in a life way, of the calm and imperturbvel scholar, who is the human ideal of the time. In the Christianity with Saint Augustin and S. Toms the Philosophy will be moved enters a Theological science and a Philosophical science. At the time Modern, with Discardings, it is understood as a science for the life.

One is about living, to live in certain way what becomes, over all, what if it must make. The Philosophy as a life way that claims a science. Kant comes to speak to us of a pertaining to school concept and a mundane concept of Philosophy: for the first one, it is a system of all the philosophical knowledge; for as, it is the science of the relation of all the knowledge with the essential ends of the reason human being.

October 23, 2012

Text Reading

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To underline is one indispensable technique to not only elaborate projects and summaries but also to stand out important ideas of a text. The understanding of the subject, is the necessary condition stops for in practises the technique to underline, therefore in this manner, the separation of the information can be identified the main ideas of the text and be made that are more important of what he is only accessory. He is advised that if it does not underline paragraphs or entire phrases, and yes words keys that the memorization of the idea conditions the reader that the text wants to pass. One suggests that, if it underlines the ideas that are of extreme importance with two traces, using a soft black pencil so that it does not have damnification of the text. It must be prevented however, accumulation of notations so that in the hour to effect the analysis of the text, it does not have confusion of information. The study of a text it can be made through a project, that corresponds to a literal x-ray. In it they must appear word-key, without necessity of if presenting written phrases. From the project the summary can be elaborated, therefore as already it was said, the project presents more objective information while the summary explains definitive ideas more concretely and facilitates the absorption of the studied content.

To produce a project of easy use, it is necessary flexibility, allegiance to the original text, logical structure and adequacy to the studied subject, utility of job and personal matrix. Already the types of summaries can be divided in: description or indicative, analytical, critical news or, summary and synopsis. The technique to summarize in what it says respect the paragraphs and chapters, can be summarized applying it technique to underline, writing the summary for the organization of the phrases, based in the underlined words. The use of the vocabulary is to the criterion of the author of the summary, being able to use proper vocabulary or of the original author, however she is necessary to keep the main ideas of the text, of form condensed. The summary of longer texts or entire books, does not have to be made paragraph for paragraph or capitulates for capitulates, from what it was underlined.

Having repetitions in more than a paragraph it must be scrumbled only the one. Summaries of this type must be made through a complete reading of the text, synthecizing what it was underlined, in way that the reader has the global understanding of the subject. In this way, it does not have necessity to keep headings or subs-heading. It is essential to lead in account that the summary is a recriao of the text, a new elaboration that uses the ideas of the original. The summary must be a condensation of ideas, not of phrases and words.

October 3, 2012

Sustainable Development

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Frequently, the concept of sustainable development is observed that as idea force integrator, although the consensus that has been constructed, that it serves to stimulate the approaches integrators between environment and development, as well as of parallel form between economy and ecology, that despite of broken up it has an originated only matrix in the existence of ambient, economic and also social crisis. Boff (2009) affirms, that as today we touch already in the limits of the Land, if to want to continue to live on it, need to follow evangelho of echo-simplicity, good summarized in three ' ' erres' ' considered for the Letter of the Land: ' ' to reduce, to reuse and reciclar' ' everything what we use and we consume. Ecodesenvolvimento the concept of ecodesenvolvimento launched in June of 1973 for Maurice Strong consisted of the definition of a style of development, based on the use of the local resources, without understanding the exhaustion of the nature, an alternative of development politics. The basic principles had been formulated by Ignacy Sachs (1993), having as estimated the existence of five dimensions, namely: the 1) social support, 2) the economic support, 3) the ecological support, 4) space support and 5) the cultural support, introduces an important sizing of its complexity. These five dimensions reflect a reading that Sachs makes inside of the development of new a proposal that considers actions that explicitam the necessity to become compatible the improvement in the levels and quality of life with the ambient preservation, and if it presented more as an alternative strategy to international the economic order, emphasizing the importance of based local models in appropriate technologies, in particular for the agricultural zones, searching to reduce the dependence cultural technique and. It appears to give a reply to the necessity to harmonize the ambient processes with the partner-economic ones, maximizing the production of ecosystems to favor the necessities future human beings gifts and if it presented excessively as alternative so that the correlations of forces inside of the dominant system allowed it to surpass acceptable principles since the local levels/regional micron until the global scale, where currently explicitam currently the problems of the environment, the development and the world-wide order.