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November 17, 2012

Traditional Geography

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The first published geographic studies in Brazil, had been influenced by two Geographic Schools: The Determinismo de Ratzel and the woollen possibilismo Blache. The Speeches of the State and the Army and the creation of discipline of Geography had been very important, but the performance of the Thin Professor of Oak, born and formed in France, was determinative in the acceptance of Geography as to know pertaining to school. The first academic experience in Geography was given in the foundation of the College of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of the University of So Paulo and the Department of Geography in 1934. In this occasion come professors of France with strong influence of the French School, they had marked the Brazilian geographic thought with the conceptions of woollen Vidal Blache. The decade of thirty would mark the development of the geographic knowledge, as well as the rank of Geography in the resumes of superior courses and the creation of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics? IBGE, that if quickly became the great Center of Studies Geographic in Brazil. In the decades of the forty and fifty main contributions for development of the geographic knowledge the So Paulo University of and publication in the Brazilian Magazine of Geography are contained in on teses to. From the Sixties under influence of the marxist theories a critical trend to Traditional Geography appeared and the study object started to be the relations between the society, work and nature.

They had been the Seventies marked by the didactic book production and Geography gained contents politicians. From the Eighties it had a new form to interpret categories of the space, but the influence of Traditional, descriptive Geography and despolitizada dissociada to the contents of didactic books it generated contradictions, therefore the speech of the professor differed from conditional Geography, was a more critical speech. The influence of the marxism for Geography was of utmost importance, therefore it was by means of it that the occupation process could be understood and be explained production of the space, the social inaqualities and the contradictions between the space produced for the worker and that one of that it assumes itself. In accordance with MORAES and COAST apud SAINTS (1996): ‘ ‘ we have a century and geographic means of production, where the mentions to the marxism, exactly that to refute it, they are absent; the quarrel, conjured. We would risk to say exactly that this transference is, in itself, one of the basic elements of the crisis that crosses the thought geogrfico.’ ‘ In the current years Geography still searchs the excellency and the disruption with the call Traditional Geography. The fact is that Geography in the last few decades comes following the technological and scientific evolution and has been strong influenced for the occured changes in the society and for the process of Globalization. The word key of Geography in this beginning of century has that to be dinamizao and not mutation, and the academic productions have waved positively in this direction.

November 11, 2012

Democracy Experiences

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The innovation is the fact that allows to put the knowledge to the service of the development, without the innovation the knowledge tends for the sterilization. A society that is not awaken for the innovation, not only loses its capital to know and of experiences, as it tends to lose its human resources more qualificados.' ' (MARTINS, 2003:14). Along with all the process of globalization in course, of the dynamic of the innovation and the rational and balanced application of the knowledge and experiences, they will walk, equally and in interdisciplinaridade, all a set of values, principles and behaviors that integrate the diverse cultures. To insist on epistemolgicas separations, negative discriminations, secundarizao of knowledge and experiences not validated academically in benefit of that they are acquired exclusively by the university way. To assume positions that humiliate men before other men, being appealed behaviors of discrimination because of the race, sex, etnia, culture or any other arguments, seem that are exceeded and unacceptable strategies, because: ' ' Our duty is to affirm that races but human beings do not exist; that the racial hatred is one of the most terrible flagelos of the humanity; that the expression most violent of the racial hatred was the hitlerista state; that the appearance of a sustica is a shade of the death. It fits to the good-will men to cancel it, in a pact of solidariedade.' ' (LAFER, 2003:12) the citizen of the future that will be constructed throughout the present thesis, will be one of the good-will men and, in this direction, will prepare with total engagement, responsibility and ability, having canalized all its knowledge, experiences and sensitivity for the values consecrated in a democracy of true citizenship, where each citizen will exert its rights and will fulfill with the inherent duties, without losing of sight the values of the progress, of the development, of well-being of the society, where each time has more place to the inclusion: social, politics, econmica, professional, cultural and universal, so that all can benefit of the Peace, Justice, the Education, Solidarity, the Tolerance and the Democracy.

November 8, 2012

Industrial Relations, The Importance At Work, Or Undertaking

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We’ve all been exposed or had any employment relationship at some point in our lives when that man was social by nature to perform work activities looked in the need to work in teams or working groups to able to develop, the world’s greatest cultures have been developed through excellent coordination of work (or subordination being controlled by their form of government) and good organization. (Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, etc. .) Today, developed countries are no exception, and the good teamwork in business and government makes the difference, and that will be reflected positively or negatively in various activities. Relations (when referring to these as the set of activities, tasks, forms of socialization, or treatment for workers, employees or partners in an organization with common goals and objectives of work) are the essence in the organization, the foundation of all good teamwork, a good and harmonious working environment in these.

A company or a social entity that has problems in their labor relations will fail in the medium or long-term competitiveness, productivity and performance, speaking in the general sense of it, may not meet all its goals and objectives outlined in the individual sense the worker that develops in a work environment difficult and tense, you can not keep pace with work and have difficulty making everyday tasks. To refer to the sense of the word from the personal relations we take a work environment, work with others, but what can be done to make working relationships with peers, subordinates, bosses are nice every day? And How to create suitable working environments?, well, would think that having the same objectives and common goals we would work together, but unfortunately is more complex. Human resource management, psychology, anthropology, sociology, industrial psychology and other sciences that study human behavior in work environments, are aware that the human being by their complex individuality and what makes us so different to each one of us, become a workplace equally complex in its structure, organization and administration, and the need to create more new jobs that make more advisable organization.

Grow to maintain good labor relations in enterprises is being attentive to the needs each member of the organization have job analysis, evaluation, performance indicators and behavior at any given time we may indicate a failure in these relationships, that is to have continuous monitoring of the organization throughout the whole, recognizing that the worker is a key element in the companies for their productivity.

November 7, 2012

The Business Model On the Internet

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Today, most Internet web sites exist across the income they receive through advertising, statistics show around 95%. If any site that was free to choose to spend a payment model is observed as soon loses its users who opt for other alternatives increasingly available free on the net. Given the structure of websites and web applications and low maintenance costs and fierce competition, most webmasters choose to offer their services and information for free. Some sites opt for a mixed model in which charge for some services, known as premium, and offer the rest for free, and others can find social networks working relationships Xing and LinkedIn. When a user searches on the Internet one of the keywords or keywords that a greater number of times it appears in your searches is the word free.

There is a general thought that everything available on the Internet is free and you can copy and store on your computer freely. We have news blogs, the websites of government agencies or officials, online newspapers, forums, social networks, portals, web downloads of books, etc.. These are services used by all users and especially for young people who have no income and is not willing to pay anything to enjoy. There are, however, certain sectors of payment for that payment for service is common such as dating sites and dating, adult websites, portals, job postings, real estate portals, etc. In general, it is service-oriented middle-aged people and companies as are those who have sufficient purchasing power to pay for such services. However, we can also find free sites with such content. If you're proposing to start a business on the Internet must take into account these aspects, we must analyze the competition, to see that model used and the type of advertising they are using to make themselves known. In the areas of payment, the portals are spending enormous sums of money in campaigns advertising as they can then amortize the revenue they earn with their subscribers.

November 6, 2012

Inter Experience

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To understand the place of experience, the city and its landscape is to give sensible to the identity that the individuals have of natural and manufactured objects. When perceiving themselves and having themselves as reference the continuous movements of the society, clareia the agreement of the standards of distribution of the places, that is, that the place is existing connection and control point of some nets in the territory. Therefore, the experience place can be understood as a net organized in internal and external plans at the same time – as it appraises Milton Saints; it can be understood as the historical and current factors if they conjugate; as the looks in relation to the world are extended, allowing us to develop a geography of the strategical small farms, in the measure where they can be connected, to organize themselves in urban nets, to stimulate the commercial flows and to create dynamic of interchanges between itself, from any place of the world. We can, however, understand the city as the experience place, where if it points out most of the world-wide population, where if they establish the relations of exchange between the production and the consumption and where if nets of functional relations in multiple scales gestam superece of fishes. The social relations are predominantly producing of broken up, dichotomized and conflitivos spaces. For its diversity they create some types of territories, that are continuous in extensive areas or discontinous in points and nets, formed in different scales and dimensions.

Such Inter-relations promote movements of the social spaces and the territories. However, it has, also, the idea of the experience place, of belonging, heir of the history of objects and people who give meant and if they confuse with the history of the place and its inhabitants. In this direction, the place as nodal relation and as belonging relation can be seen by two distinct angles of looking at the same on space of the man in the time of the globalizado world.

November 5, 2012


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Of this form, the story of ' ' experience-prxima' ' he is repleto of small wareses while the story of ' ' experience-distante' ' repleto of abstractions. A conciliation between these is necessary two perspectives in order ' ' … to produce an interpretation of the way of life of a people who is not limited for horizontes mental of that people … nor that is systematically deaf to the tonalities of its existence … ' ' . In order to catch the point of view of the native, Geertz affirms that &#039 is necessary; ' … not to leave itself to involve for no type of empatia internal spiritual with its informantes.' ' . In this direction, to understand what the people of a culture perceive on itself same, on its proper culture and on what she happens in its daily she is necessary to understand the conception of these on its reality.

To the one in telling its experience to them on the Resistance, Agns allows approaching in them to the busy French society for the German forces. The experience of the same facts of Humbert to understand what was not necessary it was happening in France. A prompt reality in allowed the agreement them of part of the reality of the time. To understand a society, it must in such a way be had in sight the lesser details how much the global structures. Thus, &#039 must be oscillated dialeticamente; ' … of a vision of the totality through some parts compose that it, for a vision of the parts through the totality that is the cause of its existence … ' ' , so that ' ' … one is explanation for outra.' ' . In order to understand the society French at the time of the Resistance the historical event of the global Form drag, the participation of other women, the opinions and action of other people must be understood.

Constitution Democratic

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Of global form, he perceives yourself that he is not enough to evaluate the performance of the pupil of untied form, that is, descontextualizada. (Program of Reinforcement of the Pertaining to school Advice, 2004, p.13). Being thus, the Pertaining to school Advice will have to be pautado in procedures that involve responsibilities next to the practical one that it develops yourself in the units of education, fit to reflect, also, on the dimensions, as well as the aspects that need to be proven, to if constructing an education that has detached the citizenship and the quality of education; this procedure must be made by means of the performance of the pupils, not in untied way, but inside of a context. Thus, it is considered to reflect on: That dimensions and aspects can be parameters for this accompaniment/procedure? Other aspects must, thus, be identified to be contemplated in the evaluation, such as: the social context in which the schools are inserted; its conditions for an excellent learning; the mechanisms used in the democratic management; performance of the professor in educative process e, finally, the pertaining to school performance of the pupils. So that it has a democratic management in the school is basic the existence of propitious spaces so that new social relations between the diverse pertaining to school segments can happen. Also, for BOBBIO (1992): When if it wants to know if it had a development of the democracy in data country, the certainty is to look for to know if number increased not it of that they have right to participate of the decisions that say respect to them, but the spaces in which can exert this right. Thus, the Pertaining to school Advice constitutes one of these spaces, together with the Advice of Classroom, the Bosom Estudantil, the Association of Parents and Mestres (APM), between as much others possible.

He occurs that the Pertaining to school Advice possesss a proper characteristic that it of the basic dimension: it consists a form student body of the democratic management. The management leaves of being the exercise of one alone person and starts to be a management student body, in which the pertaining to school segments and the local community if congregate for, together, to construct an education of socially excellent quality and. With this, one divides the power and the consequentes responsibilities. In this context, the paper of the Pertaining to school Advice is of being the consultative body, deliberative and of more important mobilization of the process of democratic management, not as instrument of external control, as eventually it occurs, but as a partner of all the activities that if develop in the interior of the school. An educational legislation has all, defined for the competent parliamentary spaces, influenced for the organized social movements, that can be set in motion to favor the management of the basic school and the existence of Pertaining to school Advice democratic operating and participativos 1. Being thus, the Pertaining to school Advice is an organism of joint between the school and the society, a pedagogical practical installation of one and a culture democratic politics and citizen. 1 the politics and the state and municipal legislation must establish lines of direction for the democratic management, operacionalizando the Constitution and the LDB.