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January 28, 2013

Marshall McLuhan Foundation

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Many consider his writings anticipated network and its social impact. The Canadian thinker has become popular culture guru. Twitter is filled with messages reminding him. Canada celebrated Thursday the 100th anniversary of the birth of Marshall McLuhan, the theorist of communication who coined terms such as the global village and the medium is the message, and many consider anticipated Internet and its social impact. In his hometown, Edmonton, University of Alberta l intends to proclaim July 21 the day of Marshall McLuhan in honor of the Professor of English literature who became the decades of the 1960s and 70 in the guru of popular culture and electronic media. The proclamation of the day of Marshall McLuhan is the culmination of almost two months of events dedicated to remember and study the work of the thinker which produced titles such as The Mechanical Bride (1951), The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962), Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964) or The Medium is the Message (1967). But the tributes are also spreading in new media that McLuhan, who died in Toronto on December 31, 1980, predicted more than 40 years ago. In the last hours Twitter is filled with messages reminding the Canadian author: the message is: happy 100 birthday, Marshall McLuhan! wrote one user on Twitter.

The global village is here the foundation of Marshall McLuhan, who is depositary of their copyright, keeps live Internet thinker with a Twitter account in which, among other messages, periodically placed his phrases fulfilling, of course, the rule of the 140 characters of the social network. On its website, the Marshall McLuhan Foundation has placed a message to commemorate the centenary of the birth of the thinker which points out that the global village is here. The prestigious American magazine Wired, specializing in technology, has found a particular way of paying tribute to McLuhan declaring his Holy pattern. Source of the news: Canada and Internet are celebrating the centenary of Marshall McLuhan, the father of the global village

January 25, 2013

The Global

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But that may involve it in the value of their shares? While the shares of ECOPETROL have a short-lived trading at the stock market, they have won a major attraction on the Colombian stock exchange and currently is focused to conquer investors from American securities markets. When the 2008 passed the good pace of growth observed in the price of their actions driven not only by the rise in the international price of oil but also by the growth experienced by the company, everything did foresee that inevitably the value of shares would surpass the $3,000. But the sudden change of scenery which he joined the global economy plunged into a deep recession, has changed the prospects for the oil company whose stock value observed a strong low jointly with the collapse of the oil price. In recent days and the good news linked to company product, the value of the shares quoted on the upside and on the day of yesterday they closed at $2,150 in the BVC. After hitting its low of October 27, 2007 of $1,825, the role of ECOPETROL is showing a slight but steady trend positive and already accumulated an increase of 17.8% from that date. The prospects of ECOPETROL actions for this year are more than positive to the continuity of the realization of their investment projects probably a recovery may occur (although mild), in the quotation of the price of oil towards the end of the present year. It is in this sense that it would not be surprising that the value of the shares of ECOPETROL progress towards the $3,000 although it is unlikely that this year might break the barrier. Anyway, considering the current value of the same, its margin to grow in a context where there are many numbers in red, not appears nothing despicable. Original author and source of the article.

January 2, 2013

Augustin Newton

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(NEWTON, 1984, pp. 8-9) Ademais, Newton also does not agree to Toms Saint de Aquino (1225-1274) that it deals with to the time and the things created in the time with sprouting from the will God. With effect, according to Newton, the absolute time cannot is tied with the external things, but also because always it existed and its flow never can be modified. That is, when Tomaz de Aquino deals with God as Creative of the things and of the beginning of the existence of the time it is possible to perceive that its philosophy is contradictory with the one of Newton, as emphasizes Compendium of Theology. For disagreeing with the time as certain sensible and relative measure, that Newton also does not agree to the concept of Saint Augustin de Hipona (354-430) of time, according to book XI of Confessions.

Therefore, as Augustin, as already he was displayed previously in this article, the time is psychological and possesss certain distenso (p.224) and alone exists future and past facts, being able to be seen only the time present. For conseguinte the time for Newton cannot be created by the Creator, a time that being absolute, true and mathematical and mathematical is invariant and perpetual. In this point it seems that Newton criticizes Plato, Saint Augustin de Hipona and Santo Toms de Aquino, who defends that the time was born with the creation of of the deity when the immutability of the time is mentioned. But with respect to the movement, Newton distinguishes the absolute time from the relative one of astronomy of Plato because, according to that one, the changes of the bodies vulgarly are considered with equal measures. With effect, it emphasizes that the movement of the bodies can more be sped up or be delayed, however the flow of the absolute time remains unalterable. In this way, it seems that Newton criticizes the philosophy of Plato and the disciple of whom basically they defend the movement of the bodies as main agent to measure the time.