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July 29, 2013

King Manuel

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With Napoleon It was temporarily aborted and with King Manuel I the annulment was final. He returned to re-emerge thanks to Benito Mussolini, who gave a State character back to the Vatican in the Lateran pacts. The Vatican State Constitution is the Constitution of the dictatorship of one man. The first article reads: The Pope, as head of State of the Vatican State, possesses the fullness of the legislative, Executive and judicial power. And the preamble says that the Vatican aims to provide the Pope outside independence for its global mission. Statewide exists only as a vehicle for the head of the Church, to enable him to be present before the world as head of State.

Who invites the Pope as head of State, is inviting the head of the Church. The fact that is in English representative of Christ, becomes therefore a political issue, the same as his ecclesiastical system of coercion and its bloody ecclesial history, which endures until the recent past / a organization that earns its members being babies, through a compulsory baptism, and that keeps them forcibly inside its area of influence with the threat of eternal damnation in hell, is acting against human dignity. Sailer writes literally next to the President of the German State: I would like to ask you how are going to be responsible for you for giving the possibility to the Pope to advertise its ecclesial regime in the German Parliament. A regime that both in Germany as in around the world, has in its ranks thousands of pedophiles, and that has systematically covered up the crimes of these, also with the decisive collaboration of the current Pope; a regime that through the so-called responsible for sects marginalises and discriminates against religious minorities in Germany, which has expressly been censored by the American Minister of Foreign Affairs in its annual report on religious freedom recently released; a regime that maintains 3000 professional demons Expulsadores (exorcists) and that this us transports from the middle ages to the 21st century?.

July 6, 2013

Really Make Money

Category: General – Joan 8:11 pm

There are so many places on the internet that offer the possibility to earn money through various and varied methods, which leads us to the conclusion of ask the sailor if this is really possible. Pages of this type we’ve all seen and we’ve seen comments in these webs of people claiming to have won a certain amount of considerable money with these methods, but someone really know someone in person who won money on the internet. This is perhaps an urban legend, or simply a scam. Well, what we want to find out and in this we are, is this same. For 2 or 3 years I’ve been introduciendome in this small big world and I’ve been taking my conclusions, which are summarized thus: it is possible to make money online, but it is also possible to fall in numerous scams. There is more chance of falling into scams that earn money and that must be taken into account. As in most of the media, if it is not at all, the main source of revenue comes from advertising, this is that moves the world, and of course, internet. Taking into account that internet all users form it with their websites, forums, blogs, etc., then we are part of the internet. Advertising moves to us also. The problem is that we usually are on the side of the consumer, but, and if we are positioned on the side of the advertiser, the person who puts the ads and not in which sees them.

The Union Makes The Force

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Do you know the saying the union makes the force? If you intend to start a business online, that saying must do theirs. If you is starting in the business will require the action of so many factors to make your company successful, and one of them is the collaboration with other entrepreneurs. The Internet is a network and as such is formed by millions of interconnections. Imagine the human brain with their millions and billions of connections, and they are all important and somewhat dependent of each other. Let’s look at a concrete example. You can count on a site very nice and suggestive, written in a very clear and legible, way an optimal content, with appropriate to your niche keywords. Theoretically you could close sales for thousands of dollars with an optimized site like yours, but it does not do even one! Explain you what could be the reason.

Your site has no incoming links, there are other sites in your niche that link to yours. When search engines spend and do not find links to your site will not raise your page rank and the result will be that when a user performs a search, you will not find your site. Here is where the saying applies the union makes the force. You need not only a good content that renovara at least 2 times a week but they also make you lack other sites, blog, platforms of articles like this page that is reading, etc that link to your web page. More links you’ll have that they point to your website, but it will increase your page rank, more easy will be found in the search engines, is equal more sales chances. If you want to deepen the argument and learn how you can build these links invite you to visit our blog, where you will find material suitable to this and other topics that have to do with the business on the internet.