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November 28, 2013

Print Flyers, Moscow

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Printing of leaflets – this is a simple but effective solution to the issue of advertising the product. Tell about opening the store, promotions, discounts, new product or event – all this can be done easily by making a leaflet. At Order a print shop, you need to know exactly for what purpose will serve the leaflets. Accounting for the target category, the nature of the advertised product and the process of communicating information to the consumer in the sum will give excellent results, namely – interest of buyers. If the end user belongs to the category of middle-class or even above average, he probably will not have to mind the fact that the leaflets are made for poor quality paper, they do not design thought, and the paint remains on the hands. Quite legitimately, they may decide that a company which belongs to the so advertising your own products, can not assert itself as a fairly presentable. If you are printing flyers and printing booklets designed for young people, their appeal is bright and unusual design, and advertising in children's products need to rely on information for parents, discounts and promotions.

Print brochures roizvoditsya on both sides, which allows place twice as much information, not overpaying for the paper and printing services. Even taking into account the fact that the leaflets will be repaid in the near future, we should not spend too much money in vain. Advertising by handing out leaflets implies that the volume of circulation will be large enough. In this case, production of leaflets produced by offset printing. In this case the print edition will be fairly quick and inexpensive. Thoughtful design. Perhaps in some cases, an abundance of flowers will be out of place. It depends on the subject of advertising.

Opening a new store, you can declare a bright and bombastic, but the advertising business-class cars do better restrained. Leafleting requires the same forethought as the printing order. Leaflets intended to advertise the goods of the youth should not be promoted outside of kindergartens, and the opening of a new fitness club is not worth talking about hospitals. This ads cause offense to the consumer and the campaign will fail. With proper promotion of constructing the cost of printing leaflets and posters will be repaid in the near future and will be profitable in the geometric progression. This is really beneficial and effective solution for advertising.

November 16, 2013

United States

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The second is the most cowardly way and to which I personally have referred to as the bravest cowardice of the State Colombian many readers ask the reason for this appellation, others will say me crazy by using these two words nonsynonymous; but it is not anything crazy and I explain it this way: when I say cowardice is by actions of the Government and its military and paramilitary allies did what once recruited a very large number of people, mostly peasants and peasant and piled up in camps far away from the urban area, they are tortured forms quite unusual to others keeps them days without liquids or food until the moment in which his body exhausted of fighting it abandons its functions and other acecina them is simply with rifles so that they may appear as guerrillas killed in combat. But I also speak of courage and this is more easy to understand yet, the corpses of these annihilated peasants are dressed in guerrilla uniforms and presented to the global masses as a result of his alleged fight is not counter-terrorism to the contrary is eminently terrorist and that is why I speak of courage because it is necessary to be too brave or very stupid to simply believe that everyone is going to pay and will applaud their fight or believe that they are all so cojudos like them not even fighting for his glory nor freedom but rather converted to simple mercenary slaves from the United States of America. Now if both a person who talked and described their qualities and combat abilities is Lord alvaro Uribe one of the best representatives of fools tooling for the U.S. Government.

November 10, 2013


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November 22, 2010, in Nairobi, Kenya, UNESCO recognized or declared, according to his personal interpretation, flamenco as patrimony of the humanity. The serpentine Flamenco dresses, that characteristic song, and the sensual, rhythmic dance, intrinsically Andalusians, already belong to everyone. Although welcome news to most, a minority, which makes itself heard, claiming that flamenco is a Gypsy art, with clearly Andalusian roots, and declare it as heritage is to weaken their true identity. The vast majority of the Flemish artists however do not share that view. They interpret the award as a deserved recognition of the universality of flamenco, a visceral art that speaks to all, whatever their native language. Indeed, in recent years flamenco has become an increasingly universal art.

More than a stereotypical image of Spain, flamenco today inspires the world of international pop music, and even more in the fashion world. Flamenco dresses, or clothing inspired by them, is increasingly on the international catwalks, and flamingos are sold, in their millions, all over the world. The award is a big step for the promotion of Andalusia in the whole world, and the promulgation of the culture of flamenco: spontaneous dance, flamenco dresses, discs and books. Those who supported the Flemish company am, (that was created a year ago to promote the attempt to be recognized internationally after a defeat in 2005) ensures that the prize will help preserve the art in a world dominated by globalization. His detractors however question the reasons behind the campaign and fear that make flamenco heritage of humility will emphasize its side surface and tourist. Guarantee of the survival of the art or symbol of the superficiality of modern flamenco, the prize has excited all Seville, where, as they have done so for centuries, las sevillanas dresses Flemish posts, celebrate what dancing with the Goblin.

November 3, 2013

New Educational Model

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The responsibility to implement the new educational model because you could say that of the darkness in which we have been involved we will entering into a light, where are things more clearly that we are acquiring a level of consciousness, where we care about our environment and the world in which we live. We are in a great change that is required in education, but we need this new paradigm or educational model landed you go implementing little by little in our schools, that we form a group of new human beings committed to living in harmony and interacting with our fellow human beings. The holistic education recognizes the multiple dimensions of the human being: physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual, so walk toward the perennial ideal of an individual living in a harmonious planet La education holistic integral is a way of wisdom, love and compassion, is the art of making us aware of our true nature; It is a way of life where we allow to live in us the light of universal love. This educational model may be applicable for any educational level, consists of making internal changes (somewhat slow but safe), through simple activities can be develop the conscience of every human being as a string until it stops being local to become a level of global awareness. Holistic education is the tool that can be used to exit a current problem of global, since it is the only way in which we can integrate databases to find the answer that we’ve both wanted to vacuum inside of us human beings. Itself of 21st century education should be first a moral education, first to be a good human being and a good professional form on this basis.