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February 28, 2014

Professional Ebay Auction Templates

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Would you like to sell on eBay? It’s easy and fun, right? In fact, one of the easiest online business you can start almost overnight, without large investments. Others who may share this opinion include Federal Reserve Governor. That’s the best thing about it. But we also know that only a minority of people who sell on eBay are really successful and that most of them quit after a while or run only as a hobby. Yes, that’s true. Facts, but the truth. Lord Peter Hennessy takes a slightly different approach. So what are the secrets of successful eBay sellers? Well, the most important thing for success is a unique product.

That comes first. If you do not have a unique product, you can sell the products that are in high demand, for example. Children’s clothing, designer clothing, digital cameras, etc, but we must bear in mind that the article has to compete with 100 similar products? maybe even a better price. So if you’re selling products that are highly competitive, then the sales letter must be different. No, not only different, it must be unique. And not only is unique! Your ad has to be professional.

Let me tell you about our experiment. We have tried various listings for the same item. What do you think that list got the most bids? Law, ads with a sole practitioner so the design offers 30-40% more. Can you imagine that? It was exactly the same subject. Only the design of the sales letter can make a huge difference in the final price can receive. It’s just unbelievable. We have said in German: “Das Auge mit ISST. The translation is something like: “If it looks good you have to know better.” Well, we know that this is always true though, but that’s the psychology of our human brain. If the overall impression of the food is good, an impulse is sent to the brain: This has good taste? I want to try that. It’s the same with the purchase in a store or on eBay. If the auction site the item you are looking at is However, the product has to be good and is more likely to click the “Bid Now”. We have seen that many times and especially with our little experiment. So, if you use professional looking eBay auction templates for your ads, you will be amazed at how this can increase your business on eBay. Try to modify your templates and see which ones work best. You will notice a small change can make a big difference. Keep track which templates have generated what prices and compare after a month. You will see that some templates really well and others not. Be creative and modify your templates. implement care! Do not overdo it though with bright colors and a dozen animated gifts. No, that’s not what buyers want to see. They want a clear and honest and a good image. If the overall design is professional, believe me? is more likely to make an offer. And at the end of the day? That’s all that counts, right? T

February 27, 2014


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According to statistics, 80% of all the people who ask about a product or service purchased within 1 year but not from the company that made the first contact, i.e. not buy from you. Today I want to touch a topic that may be of interest to you as an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur in the online or offline business. I want to by one minute concentrate in what I say, information the meaning of the word is beginning to change, the world is becoming increasingly more small, borders disappear, the cultures are increasingly more close, information is the unfished new frontier and the foreground of this new era is of course on the INTERNET. The number of people who read the news on the Internet in relation to television or physical newspapers grow 1 million each year worldwide. In conclusion, it is inevitable, who supplied information increases your credibility and increases its power of sale and the channel par excellence is the Internet. I do not will you spend, that business has, you, sell but if do not accept this truth, you may be in danger any commercial activity that you perform.

Internet has entered this world and advances at astonishing speed, already has surpassed radio and this only a 6% reach the TV. Friend, received this revelation and proceed to use the Internet in their business anyone who is, or if not, your competition will. Now that we have stressed the importance of the Internet go on the following question: how achievement that each person who contact me, I bought or I bought? Many of you already know how to do advertising, already know the means by which attract prospects or phone calls requesting information about their products or services, but bet that not everyone who has contact with you buy him, he was asked because? According to statistics, 80% of all the people who ask about a product or service purchased within 1 year but not from the company that made the first contact, i.e.

February 15, 2014

Scope Cleaning

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So if you have no particular preference as to the scope of business, pay special attention to the specified segment. Let's start with the initial investment. If the initial capital you really close to zero, and the desire to enter the cleaning business is large, at an early stage to limit washing windows. The set for this work will cost you only $ 100-200. If you want to have a wider range of services, you should take care of more serious hardware (which, incidentally, can also acquire gradually, as business expansion). Thus, the disk machine for intensive deep cleaning of carpets is in the area of $ 2,500, a vacuum cleaner – about $ 500.

Do not forget about supplies (gloves, rags, sponges, etc.) and means household chemicals – this may also pull U.S. at 200-300. As the professional equipment for cleaning hard enough and often overall – think of a question is his delivery to the customer – and therefore hire a car or carry their own transport. So to the fixed costs of priplyusuet also the cost of petrol. And, of course, personnel.

While enough to start a 2-3-man, the problem with a set of workers in the cleaning business is particularly sharply. This is due primarily to the high turnover in the cleaning business – work, you know, not particularly prestigious. But still the biggest liability associated with the assessment of the reliability of employees. You must be a good psychologist, not to be mistaken with the selection of staff – they work in office and residential premises in which, as a rule, a lot of wealth.

February 2, 2014

Strong Link Transport Company

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What is needed for proper transportation of goods? It all depends on the driver, what experience he has behind the wheel, done that obviously not all can be professional drivers. Work as a driver in the field of international transport road, honor and responsibility. A very important part of the launch of the cargo transportation by truck is the choice of the driver. It is necessary to choose smart and motivated people because they are the face of transport company. And not only that care must be taken, because theirs tasks to carry goods from one place to another, and for this you need to know the convention of SMR, traffic regulations in all countries where he will go, and valid axle load weight. When will a truck inspection immediately after the driver returned to the course of transportation, then we can learn some interesting facts about what we have assigned to the driver work.

If the machine is clean and tidy, not only inside but also outside, then it is a fact of good quality driver, but if the opposite is true, then it is necessary to warn him because the car is the hallmark of transport company. Absolutely essential in the process is clear communication with the driver of the transport company's office. Commands to the driver should be short and precise. Assessment of the situation must be understood. There will be no fail if all this is accompanied with extra courtesy. The driver must follow before the flight and during the voyage of the technical condition of the truck. Yes, the truck can happen different, but in practice 70-80% breakdown truck travel occurs on the full or partial fault of the driver.

When an accident caused by car driver and he admits it's at, it pays part or all of the damage caused by his fault. Before leaving for the road the driver must look for the presence of all necessary documents for the smooth delivery of the goods and check validity of the resulting set of documents, as well as to check the weight of the goods, he must the same as specified in the documents. Otherwise, it will do for you at the border customs, and transportation company that can be a big problem. The ideal relationship with the drivers are text messages. Calls to phone only when problems occur. And if the driver's personal life interfere during the process of working through phone calls from home, then the driver must be held with the sum of these private conversations. Only recognized service calls.