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March 29, 2014

Orga Systems Presents Solutions Made For Living In A Connected World

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Focus at 6th OSS BSS Asia Pacific Summit is on cross vertical services Paderborn (Germany), 20 March 2012: the 6th annual OSS BSS Asia Pacific Summit 2012, taking place in Singapore, will address the dynamic world of the communications market. Being Gold sponsor of the event, Orga systems will present its convergent solutions made for living in a connected world scalable architecture, outstanding performance, lowest latency and consequent customer-centricity rating ensure reliable access to any child of next generation cross vertical services, e.g. utility and automotive. Dennis P. Lockhart is open to suggestions. Focusing on new ways of profitable business and delivering innovative customer-centric services ORGA Systems’ solutions to ensure superior customer experience will showcase real-time based. Attracting customers with transparent real time interaction many possibilities lie in the orchestrated execution of technology updates, user devices and the systems needed to maintain a better customer experience. This property::implies a refocus on business strategy to support new ideas and concepts.

It of therefore means investment in real time business support and service delivery functions needed to shape new business opportunity. The use of enabling system and real time solutions is now a critical differentiating factor for keeping customers as they continue to be attracted by innovation in service options and user devices that make life easier for them. In this light, cross industry business models are becoming a new way of meeting customer expectations. Orga systems is enhancing its customer experience offerings through OS.Order2Cash which uniquely combines the benefits of advanced real time billing with catalog-driven end-to-end lifecycle business process and system management. Real time customer interaction for M2M business Orga systems is using its competence and real time expertise gained in the telco environment to develop new markets in the field of sister industries. The convergent solutions leverage a positive customer experience while demonstrating the benefit of real time customer interaction for cross vertical services such as order-to-cash, data traffic management, utility billing and M2M for telematics. Orga systems ensures management, charging and monetization of customizable value-added services in transportation telematics. For utilities, the OS.

Energy offers new options in managing high generation costs while increasing customer experience. Learn more about ORGA Systems’s solutions and meet US at the 6th annual OSS BSS Asia Pacific Summit 2012 from March 21st March 22nd in Singapore, showcase wants where ORGA Systems its smart energy billing solution. ORGA Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing ORGA Systems’ convergent real time charging and billing portfolio enables profitable business for telecommunication companies, mobile finance institutions, energy and telematic suppliers. ORGA Systems’ products and consulting services are designed for living in a connected world: lowest rating latency scalable architecture, outstanding performance, and consequent customer-centricity ensure reliable access to any child of next generation mobile services. Worldwide 40 + customers, serving 400 + M subscribers, rely on Orga systems and achieve competitive advantages in their industry: reduced OPEX, real time-to-market, short-termed ROI as well as beneficial access to new value chains and revenue streams. Please visit for more information. Contact: Orga Systems GmbH On the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn for further information please contact: Yasmin Yaqub Marketing Manager PR & press global

March 26, 2014

Where To Buy Used Cars?

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How do you find a good used car? How do you find a good used car? Either buying used cars at the car dealer or private. Used car dealers offer the unbeatable advantage that you get a guarantee with the purchase and the dealer for damage to the car is liable, usually for a year. Learn more at this site: Sheila Bair. A further advantage of the trader is that one can give his old car in payment. Buying the used car from a private seller, buys 20 percent average cheaper than the dealer, but without liability. Sold as seen”is the motto at the private car purchase. You will find a wide variety of private automobile exchanges on the Internet.

If a car by private buys should check leave the vehicle in any case by a specialist before he signs the contract. This service is offered by auto repair and also the TuV. Speaking of contract: car buying should be secured even or especially when buying private with a good contract. You can find sample contracts on Google. Experienced the fewest surprises man, if one purchases a vehicle from an owner first-hand.

The car should be checkbook maintained and still at least have his year of TuV. A little trick to get a possible manipulation of the speedometer on the track: Compare the km indication of the speedometer, with the oil change plate in the trunk. Cars with lots of accessories and special equipment (for example, air conditioning) upgrade the car and have a higher resale value. The bigger and more exclusive cars, the more important is a sophisticated equipment for resale. Schwacke and co. to determine the price of a used car you want to know how much you need to put on the table for your dream car? The many price comparison portals on the Internet help you on this question. The most popular overview of the prices of used cars is the Schwacke list ( Schwacke operates over 50 years of experience in the professional vehicle valuation. Give all individual data, such as brand, vehicle type, brand, mileage, at initial registration, and the Schwacke calculator tells you what price you need to expect when you want to buy the car. More service providers to determine the market prices for used cars are car, and fzgwerte /. Car lease rather than buy the leasing (hire-purchase) you pay in the long term a higher price than if a purchase even if the acquisition costs over many months can be stretch. Leasing so rent on a longer period of time is worth mostly businesses, because binds no equity and makes them flexible, because the vehicle is always interchangeable. If used commercially, the leasing vehicle is also tax deductible. Therefore, it is an attractive offer for entrepreneurs.

March 24, 2014

Complete With Targets In Sales

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Seminar in Munich and Dusseldorf for executives who think are old hat, nothing new fit more in the goals and targets in the sales, which must be cocked at a seminar of the management consultant Gunther Wolf in Munich and Dusseldorf. Executives from sales and sales get fresh ideas at this seminar to target agreements, which are a real asset for the company and the employees. Tough targets, in which executives and employees try each from your point of view to get the highest possible, not rarely end in compromise objectives. That there is another way, and especially how it otherwise, experienced business executives, sales and marketing in this practice-oriented seminar. Run through psychological support for keeping employees in the sales target agreement begin, that you worry about as an Executive about the motives of employees.

You’ll get in the seminar of the experienced psychologist in Munich and in Dusseldorf the necessary tools. This allows them to identify strengths and weaknesses of your employees better. Target agreement talks you will agree exactly with the employees in those areas targets, in which the employees can best bring its strengths to the benefit of the company and to the own motivation. Motivational incentives provide an important part of the seminar on leading with goals in sales in Munich and Dusseldorf will inform you about different types of employees. This knowledge helps you to identify the motives of your employees.

Motives are different dispositions of the people, who primarily direct their actions, such as curiosity, or the quest for power or recognition. Once you know this, the possibility is open to you, agree individually appropriate incentives for the achievement of objectives in the conversation of the target agreement. In recent months, Nick Carr has been very successful. Motivation psychological findings according to bonuses, premiums and other material incentives not affect all types of employee motivational. Only those Executives who know their staff well, with tangible or intangible incentives appropriate individually for the specific type of employee can achieve another motivation boost. Seminar targets successfully lead in Munich and Dusseldorf as the usage for that in the lead with goals in the agreement on objectives set objectives for workers and employers in two respects worth: an employee who works in terms of its strengths, is dedicated, more satisfied and more. The reward for the company’s increasing success. The employee benefits, because he can reach a destination that is personally important to him. Executives in sales, which want to meet motivational targets and lead with goals held seminars to refresh their skills in both the 01.08.2011 (Munich) and 08.08.2011 (Dusseldorf). The target agreement talks are trained on the basis of practical cases of participants. Sales and marketing pulse presentations and practical seminars Exercises for controlling of agreed objectives complete the seminar. If you want to inform yourself about details, program and procedure of this seminar, please follow the link to the seminar description. Links: Seminar Description complete with targets in distribution and sales: Experts by I.O. BUSINESS target agreement (consulting, training, coaching): Information provided by I.O. BUSINESS to the subject matter of target agreement: Checklists and job AIDS by I.O. BUSINESS to the subject matter of target agreement: I.O. BUSINESS consulting and training Angel RT 6 (Villa of Angel) D-42283 Wuppertal Tel: + 49 (0) 202 69 88 99-0 E-Mail: Internet:

Cognitive Distortions

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Underestimate and overestimate people or situations. A subtype identified is the “catastrophizing”, imagine and rumina about the worst possible outcome, no matter how unlikely its occurrence, or think that the situation is unbearable or impossible, when in fact it is uncomfortable or inconvenient, is related to low frustration tolerance, the importance of psychopathology has been widely investigated by Ellis. – Emotional reasons. Make arguments based on how they “feel” the subject rather than look at the facts objectively. I feel ridiculous, therefore I am. – You owe or self-imposed inflexible.

Concentrate on what you think you “should” be in place somo see things “are”, and have rigid rules that is intended to be applied regardless of the situational context. Understanding the desires or expectations of satisfaction imperatives. – LABELLING. Related to overgeneralization, is to assign a name to describe something rather than objectively observed behavior. The label is usually assigned in absolute terms, unchanged or with prejudicial connotations.

Normally behaviors are often confused with personality. – Customization. Also known as false attribution, is to assume that one or others directly caused things when most likely not been the case in reality. When applied to oneself can cause anxiety and guilt, and applied to other produce anger and anxiety exacerbated persecution. EXAMPLES OF COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS – Nobody loves me (overgeneralization) – I go wrong with women (generalization) – I’m dumb (labeling) – I know you are laughing at me (read the mind, personalization, egocentrism) – I did not like it (read the mind) – I will go wrong in this review (guess the future) – I’m an idiot useless and rare (catastrophizing, overgeneralization) – I have this problem and I could not solve Despite several attempts, so there is no solution (to jump to conclusions, thinking “all or nothing”) – Nothing in life will turn out well (tremendismo, overgeneralization, to divine the future) – Someone does not like my work thus, probably most of my classmates did not like my work (think “all or nothing”, read the thought) – I feel I can not stand this, so I can not (emotional reasoning, reasoning circular) – Ella “makes me” mad (false attribution) – They drop me self-esteem (false attribution) – “I can not …” (Jumping to conclusions) – This has always been, therefore, always be so (divine the future, helplessness and close the world or range of possibilities) – I can not go out with beautiful and intelligent girls (skip to findings, self-restraint in the world, modal operator of possibility can not, I assume I can not go out with beautiful and intelligent girls) Now listen carefully your daily conversations, try to record your distortions, and uncover all the distortions that are similar to those already set and you say often without stopping to think about the consequences. If you change what they say, will change many things from you, so try to change the way you express yourself and communicate, because there is no better mirror that reflects the image of man than his words.

Norbert Kloiber Utzstrasse

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3. Unlike telephone on or callbacks, there is no date problems. The receiver hears the message then if he has time. And the caller must not take into account the time sensitivities of the opposite side. 4. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kenneth R. Feinberg.

In contrast to answering machines can comfortably save the messages i talk24 for years. Also i talk24 as email is management response. 5. i talk24 not only effectively fights the time thieves in the time management voice messages are also literally on emotional page appealing as sober text messages. This E-Mail response management so further improves the success of communication. Norbert Kloiber is thus the inventor of the voice message and i talk24 an E-Mail response management, which can offer advantages, that alone can have the original.

And that this original truly combats the time thieves in the time management you can convinced currently cheap: for the equivalent of a small cup of coffee can i talk24 a month long test. Through its paces. V.i.S.d.P and your contact person: Norbert Kloiber Utzstrasse 3 A-3500 Krems E-Mail: Web: YouTube: press contact: PR bee of Reimund Bertrams, Kerstin Miehle Reisser 02306-85 07 92 or 0172-2799868 boiler Plate Norbert Kloiber helps his company top ( customers, more efficient in the social networks to effectively be faster and easier to handle but also the daily stages of business work. These online seminars/webinars are held for Internet marketing, sales strategies, automation processes in the Internet. The company develops software for more efficient work, published eBooks and guides. Norbert Kloiber is in the German-speaking countries as the efficiency Pope”known and enjoys a high reputation as a serious, reliable and customer-oriented social media expert.

March 23, 2014

Social Revolts

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After some social revolts, the tenement houses had been demolidos and these people had been if dislocating port hillsides of the mounts and zones. These povoamentos had grown in disordered way in what the favelizao process was initiated. At the time this process of favelizao was not so preoccupying. In 2002 with a project that the fire aimed at combat fire had the biggest index of deaths for firearms, today these amounts have fallen had a bigger fiscalization and incentives of the not governmental organizations with implanted social projects inside of the Carioca mounts. It has an mistake in querumo had taken the forces and its agent chief executives military, to go in a contrary direction, that is, instead of fighting fire with fire a more cautious measure would be necessary, it is not fighting and yes preventing that this is the way of survival them members of these harmed societies partner. When it was that a member of these communities had respect before the society that dominates the parts low of Rio De Janeiro? To say that they exist good people in the slum quarter is to say that bad people exist, consequentemente erram, because NOBODY wants to be bad, the question this in inquiring what they become them people with such positions. The beginning of rules that the Dealers judge its guilty ones nothing more it is that a hierarchy, one proper cut, with principles that only function there, because they only know this way, the law of the sobrivncia of strongest. Beccaria teaches in them in its workmanship Of the Delicts and the Penalties, that is not the penalty of death or the beginning of any privation of the life will make that them to act of another skill. We are condemning they for making death justice, but the military are acting in the same way, wanting to always kill who only wanted to have a space in the society.

March 22, 2014

Electronic Invoices In Mexico

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You must of knowledge that Mexico is one of the countries that have norm of electronic invoicing and between the countries that have this, vary the conditions, is why specific you here what it settles down specifically in Mexico. The electronic invoicing is in this country, the digital representation of a type of supporting digital public prosecutor who is become attached to the standards defined by the Service of Tributary Administration and which can be transmitted, be generated and be protected resorting to any type of electronic means. Each one of the invoices that are emitted, will have to count on certificate and a digital seal that not only assures its origin, but also gives the necessary validity him before the SAT. After the reform of the Fiscal Code of Federation the past 28 of June of 2006, certain aspects of regulation for the benefit of services of emission and shipment of supporting digital public prosecutors were determined. With that reform, the Service of Tributary Invoicing establishes 3 forms to invoice: 1. Invoicing through own means 2.

Invoicing through gratuitous application of the SAT: Micro 3. Invoicing by means of an authorized supplier by the SAT thus to provide the service of emission and gives of supporting public prosecutors.

March 21, 2014

Japan Prices

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Another very dangerous scenario is called stagflation, a word formed by stagnation + inflation. That is, a situation in which, despite being in a stagnant economy or recession, there is a high inflation, which may be caused not by the pressure of demand (that being in recession is not very strong), but on the supply side, for example, the rise in raw materials. A classic stagflation scenario occurred with the 1973 oil crisis, in which the price of oil quadrupled, causing high inflation and also contributing to economic stagnation and rising unemployment. Stagflation is a very dangerous situation, and that despite the economic stagnation, prices are still fired, which can generate a vicious circle difficult to start, because if you try to stimulate the economy by increasing public spending, higher inflation can produce , and if it is attacked by the other side, and trying to contain prices by raising interest rates may slow down the economy even more. Deflation occurs when there is a continued fall in prices, usually defined (as with the recession) when given this fall for two consecutive quarters.

Falling prices, which in principle might seem not so bad, it's a very difficult scenario if it occurs continuously in time, ie if there is deflation, "as it can produce a spiral in which consumers postponing their buying decisions, waiting for prices to fall over (as happened in the lost decade in Japan), which demand and prices continue to fall, unemployment rises and the country as a whole is impoverished. Note: According to the leading indicator yesterday, the Spanish of harmonized inflation rate fell to 0.1%, which while not technically deflation, is the first step. The situation is more severe and more prolonged in time would the Depression, which we have an example in 1929. In that case only recovered the initial levels with World-war – News ResultsWorld War II, from the ground up The Daily Commercial – Feb 28 05:16amWorld War II — USO San Mateo Daily Journal – Feb 28 03:33amLast US World War I veteran dies at 110: report AFP via Yahoo! News – Feb 27 11:20pmWorld-war – Video ResultsPlay Video’>World War II (sixteen years later.) Technically it is usually defined as three years of recession or as an annual fall of GDP higher than 10%. In this situation, economy falls over a long period, consumption and investment remain weak over time, there is a high level of unemployment, and destroyed many jobs, "and as Keynes predicted, may be becoming less useful monetary policy ( lower interest rates) and fiscal policies be essential to stimulate the economy (lower taxes and increase public spending).

Mexico And Economic Growth

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The economic growth is in danger in Mexico 5 November 2009 For that they thought that the main problems for the Mexican economy were reduced to the fall in the external sales towards the USA, I believe that they have remained short. The fiscal problems that were agravated by the crisis threaten the credit qualification of the country, a risk that can bring several negative consequences to him. Days ago, in Mexico the tax reform was approved that it looks for to put together the fiscal situation. After arduous discussions, the Law of Income 2010 was approved that contemplates tax rises, but that left unsatisfied all the political actors, reason why it has been abierta the possibility of advancing in deep a fiscal reform. Between the main introduced fiscal changes with the Law of Income the increases in the rates of the Tax can be mentioned On Renta (ISR) that happened from 28% to 30% and the increase in the Tax in Valor Agregado (IVA) that happened from 15% to 16%. These two modifications in the taxes are those that greater impact they will have on population.

The tax reform does not solve the fiscal problems basic, but on the contrary it threatens aggravating them. The leader of the PRI, Beatriz Walls said on the matter: Hay a level of very great evasion, and the inserted number of people in fiscal dynamics is very reduced, with great segments in the informal economy. To make matters worse, the approved reform has not managed to reduce the dependency of the state treasury of the oil income, that according to is considered, will represent 34.5% of the total of income public for the 2010. What can happen if the quote of the petroleum barrel returns to have a relapse or PEMEX accuses problems in its production? Given the weakness of the government in the matter of the tax control, most probable it is than the reform ends up in this way generating an increase of the informal economy in Mexico and, aggravating the problem of the backward nature in the structure of taxes.

March 20, 2014

Fund Reform

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Economic growth is in jeopardy in Mexico 5 November 2009 for those who thought that the main problems for the Mexican economy were reduced to the fall in exports towards the United States, I think that they have been short. The fiscal problems that were aggravated by the crisis threaten the credit rating of the country, a risk that may bring several negative consequences. A few days ago, Mexico approved the tax reform which seeks to recompose the fiscal situation. After arduous discussions, was passed the revenue Act 2010 it includes tax hikes, but that he left dissatisfied all actors in political, by what has been left open the possibility of advancing in a fiscal reform deep. The main tax changes introduced with the revenue Act include increases in the tax rates on income (ISR) which went from 28% to 30% and the increase in the the value added tax (VAT) which went from 15% to 16%.

These two modifications in taxes are that will have greatest impact on the population. The tax reform does not solve fiscal problems of Fund, but the opposite threat with aggravate them. The leader of the PRI, Beatriz Paredes said in this regard: there is a level of very big evasion, and the insert in the dynamic tax number of people is very small, with large segments in the informal economy. To make matters worse, the reform has failed to reduce dependence on the Treasury from oil revenues, which are estimated, will represent 34.5% of total public revenues for 2010. What can happen if the price of the barrel of oil again having a relapse or Pemex acknowledges problems in your production? Given the weakness of the Government in terms of tax control, it is likely that reform finished generating an increase in the informal economy in Mexico and thus, exacerbating the problem of the degressivity in the tax structure.

March 14, 2014


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We spoke yesterday of the difficult situation by which it crosses the Venezuelan economy in the dollar is the main threat for Chvez, an economy that by serious errors of economic policy of its government, was highly made employee of its petroleum exports, while it undergoes the effects on his productive system of the distortion produced in his relative prices (internal and in the type of change). Today it will be the turn of Ecuador, a country friend of Venezuela and that is not either passing it of the best way, given its high dependency of the petroleum exports. For Ecuador, the petroleum exports represent 40% of the total of the same. The collapse of the price of petroleum has taken great preoccupation not only to the Ecuadorian government but also to the investors who have increased the perception of vulnerability of the Ecuadorian economy. It is that the strong fall in the quote of the crude one has aggravated the Ecuadorian fiscal accounts significantly. Ecuador, receives at the moment less than US$ 50 by its crude one, whereas its budget is structured around a price of the barrel of US$ 80 dollars, in agreement with the analysis realised by the IdeGlobal consultant. To make matters worse for Ecuador, the country decided to rejoin to OPEC in the month of October of the year last after 15 years of an almost unnoticed participation, forces which it to accept the reduction in its production so what was decided in the last meeting of the organization. According to site the Commerce the oil consultant Hctor Peace and I mine said on the reduction of the petroleum production ready by OPEC: Estar subject to the quotas of OPEC does not benefit to us because the country has two problems: low prices and one lower production. In that scene it worries that we must lower still more production.