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February 28, 2020


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The dealer is the person or entity that receives a manufacturer product and delivers it to the traders. This in turn, is responsible for providing to consumers who do not have the power to independently engage its supply. In addition, lets make products available for commercial user or consumer. Thus, distributor obtains a final good supply to proceed with its location in mass through their own organization and in a place determined in exchange for a discount percentage. The manufacturer is who provides the goods to the retailer.

In this way, who will take risks in negotiating with third parties, is the Distributor. To reason, this type of negotiations must be conducted under measures of economic cooperation among the different parties. Following this method, the manufacturer is who acquires benefits since it achieves that its production is distributed to various places and a wide variety of clients in easy manner and with a minimum of risk. The distribution is, therefore, an activity economic that relates to the producer of goods and services to the final consumer in an indirect way. Contracts with distributors distributors are guided, under agreements, to meet distribution contracts. Through these agreements, the dealer have a territorial area designated for their movement. In the contract, they can get to an exclusivity agreement. In areas not framed, the dealer must not sell.

Also, limited him to market the products resulting from competition to the manufacturer. In turn, it is subject does not assign another distributor in the same place, or even carry out direct sales in the same area. The Distributor is subject to sell products in small quantities and in the established site. To find sales, products offerings.

February 26, 2020

FSC Forests

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In addition to the financial and environmental returns, the local rural population by creating long-term and socially secure jobs benefits from CacaoInvest. Around 50 people are permanently employed currently for CacaoInvest in Panama, much of it are members of the local indigenous population. The salaries and working conditions of Panamanian employees exceed the statutory minimum wage. In addition to the country-specific benefits, ForestFinance completes an additional accident insurance, as well as a life insurance policy for the protection of the family for each employee. Species-rich forests are permanently preserved due to the afforestation. This rain forests will be protected and climate-damaging CO2 for decades bound. On the CacaoInvest surfaces are also receive nature relics and in addition about unoccupied natural forest cells ten percent re-created. The environmental magazine nature + Cosmos together with a panel of experts CacaoInvest 2011 to certain “Future project”.

CacaoInvest is an exemplary project, “which both meets ecological, economic and social criteria” according to the jury. It combines environmental and social commitment with the demands of a financial return for investors. For more information, see CacaoInvest in numbers: minimum: 7,750 euro / distributions: from year 2. possible / predicted yield: up to 8.5 per cent (after IRR). / Runtime: 25 years / type of investment: direct investment / of ForestFinance: the Bonner ForestFinance Group specializes on forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between several sustainable Choose forest investment products. From 33 per month a private forest is already possible with the BaumSparVertrag, see through the afforestation of ForestFinance forests are rainforests spared, CO2 for decades bound and newly created species-rich forests.

Rating Insurance Companies

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We decided to buy a new car. And where the purchase, and there car insurance. But how to choose an insurance company? In the Russian market are hundreds of organizations offering their services. Some options: 1. Familiar 2.

View Agents from the cabin 3. Enter the Internet search and rating of insurance companies see big portals filled with feedback from customers …. But can we rely on them? My personal opinion – NO. The fact that each of these sites earns from advertising of insurance brokers and agents (banners everywhere). Of the eight hundred thousand negative reviews. Even the reviews are full of confusing terms …. After a brief examination of these sites want to insure car disappears altogether. 1.

And would you leave your feedback if the year is insured, you have paid and you are happy? According to statistics, one out of ten "satisfied customers" will leave a positive one. 2. You all bad: delaying payment, or refuse to pay at all – we climb into the Internet and write everywhere that the company refuses to pay the "help" or "not fear, here are deceiving." That such feedback is left eight out of ten people who are dissatisfied with insurance company. Here is another "trick" people's ratings, most reviews of these belong to the employees insurance (tip could leave each registration process is simple). Imagine: You are the head of department Sales of insurance products, you have to subordinate the 20 Th managers. Give them a job for ten minutes a day to leave good feedback about your business and bad for others … .. That's the whole score. There are a number of organizations that are ratings of insurance companies. Among them is the "Expert RA". This is a large independent agency rating, which can really be trusted. They appreciate the companies such as Ingosstrakh, Reso, Rosno, Renaissance, and Uralsib etc. This is perhaps the only reliable professional reliability rating of insurance companies.

February 25, 2020

London Gold Fixing Official

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How gold by EUR transforms old jewelry gold gold distance gold buying company by EUR explains step by step the process of transformation of the jewels that buys gold. His Flickr account shows all the detailed process using photographs, since jewels are received and until they become molten gold. In our Flickr Gallery photo to photo is shown how a company’s purchase of gold rigorous and professional, with own pricing Center: every morning, the experts upgraded the appraised value based on the official price of gold set by the London Gold Fixing. The Messenger who brings the packs with jewels accesses a secure camera located at the entrance of the center of appraisal and makes delivery of packets. Shipping has an insurance for the total peace of mind. The next step is to check that the bag has not been handling and that all documentation has been received correctly. Each week all records are delivered to the police in order to make the mandatory police procedure.

Thereby we ensure that all sent jewels are from reliable sources. The appraisal process consists of depositing part of metal on a touchstone, which is submitted to the reaction of different acids that will determine whether it is gold or other metal and purity (Carat) of that gold. The professional rigour is assured. Each piece is analyzed by three different experts. In the next step, a second assessor weighs each jewel individually, discounting the gross weight the weight of any item that is not itself the gold (pearls, stones and others), this resulting weight obtained is also scored on the picture next to the jewel.

The jewels are deposited in a bag marked with the reference and kept in the safe, where they will remain monitored by security cameras 24 hours until it the official deadline of 15 days in custody. The next phase is passed all the information generated by the appraisers to our Administration Department, which will determine the exact of each one of the jewels, value calculated by a computer system CRM. Finally removed the jewels from the safe and separates all the scrap containing (pearls, stones and metals that are not gold). Once made jigging and separation, the assessor shall prepare the jewels of gold in its different quilatajes and finally sent them to refine. If you want to sell gold, keep in mind that not all companies offer warranties and guaranteed and rigorous processes of pricing as described. About EUR-EUR gold-gold is the leader in Spain of long-distance gold jewellery purchase. Thousands of satisfied customers guarantee their highest quality service, where they offer the highest security and best price for the value of the jewels of gold. They have a center official appraisal itself in which all the jewels are verified and priced according to the official price of gold. Payment within 24 hours and discretion are guaranteed.

February 24, 2020

Polytex Prom

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The company 'Polytex-Prom "in the market of building materials for 10 years. The company sells laminated chipboard and furniture parts manufacturing standard and custom sizes from it. Laminate particle board are used extensively in the furniture industry. They are used in finishing work. Laminated chipboard flawed, that there is a timber such as knots and cracks. Important advantages of chipboard is high strength and uniformity of structure, ease of handling. Lamination is a DSP DSP-based securities, which coat films impregnated with resin. At high temperature (240 degrees) and pressure (up to 30 kg / sq.

cm) resin is melted and extruded from the film. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This process is bonding the film to the surface of the particle board, resin and attached to the surface properties of plastics having high resistance to scratches and impacts chemicals. Particle boards are glued together well on faces and edges, they are usually veneer veneer, paper and plastics. For more information see this site: Craig Menear. The range consists of the broadest range of colors and textures. The advantage of the material is its low price. Due to these factors, laminated chipboard is a leader in particle board in furniture manufacture.

One of our services chipboard cutting the size of the customer. Also, you can buy in bulk and in the plywood retail. Our craftsmen offer you the best layouts, chipboard. Individual approach to each client. All material presented in different colors, different thicknesses, grades and sizes at affordable prices. The company guarantees: high quality wood board production (plywood, chipboard, fiberboard), the maximum service (Mechanized loading, delivery), the ability to reserve products. The high quality laminated and polished Particleboard manufactured in Russia to judge the growing demand for these products from the Russian furniture manufacturers. Already, sales of particleboard in many regions of Russia contributes to the intensive development of the furniture industry.

February 19, 2020

The Historical Date In The Automotive Industry

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July 4, 2009 was a historical date in the history of the automotive industry. Go to author for more information. On this day, Japanese automotive concern Mitsubishi launches world’s first electric car in mass production. The first mass electric vehicles that can be recharged from a home outlet, has minicar right-hand drive models of i MiEV. Mitsubishi ahead of many other automakers operating in the creation of electric. Production has not yet large, by 2012 the figure will reach about 15 000 pieces of 4-seater electric cars a year.

Here are some characteristics of the first production electric vehicle: Weight – 1080 kg Dimensions – length 3,395 cm, width 1.600 cm, 1.475 cm Maximum height Speed – Mileage 130km/chas without recharging – 160km full charge voltage of 220 volts – 7:00 (With a special battery charger can be filled to 80% in just half an hour.) Power – 47 kW (64 hp) Cost – about $ 30,000 (but note that the electric operating costs by 9 times less than the cost of an ordinary car on petrol and oil), gear selector Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric transmission has three modes: D – normal, Eco – economical and B – recovery mode. Electric car i MiEV electric equipped with climate control with air conditioning, LED headlamps, navigation system with 7-inch display and storage device for storing road maps. i-MiEV has a regenerative braking system, ie battery is recharged during braking. The first new electric cars will test the Japanese traffic cops. The Japanese government plans to pay extra for every citizen about $ 1200 for the disposal of an old car and buy a new environmentally friendly electric. Concern is also ready to begin exporting the i MiEV in other countries. The first foreign country to which the markets will serial electric, should be the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. In late 2010, concern Mitsubishi ready to release an electric version and left-hand drive in Europe.

February 18, 2020

Schreiber Cooperate Essences

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Schreiber essences expands portfolio with the scent concept dream air under the own label AirFlorage Schreiber essences is a term as a manufacturer in the professional food and large kitchen area for many years. Food flavourings, dyes, leavening agents and spices supplied Schreiber essences in particular the hotel, bakery and kitchen industry. Dream air scent gels represent an excellent round out of our portfolio for us”, so Norbert Stock managing director writer essences. We already supply our customers with sauna infusions and their fragrance compositions in the commercial and private spa. The scent concept dream air is the perfect complement to our own products.” Peter Moldenhauer, CEO Herbert Rehn GmbH adds: in particular the high quality of our fragrance compositions was crucial for the decision by Schreiber essences. Our products generally differ from the classic room Fragrancing in the composition. For more specific information, check out Peter Schiff . They contain No alcohol, no preservatives come out and charge the air with irritating substances.

Dream air scent gels have already undergone numerous tests in accordance with the food and consumer goods Act and be well tolerated also by allergic individuals. In addition to the classic sauna infusions, Schreiber provides its customers now with different blends, fruit and Mediterranean scents, as well as selected special scents essences. Norbert Stock notes: we receive from our customers an increased demand on high-quality, genuine fragrances. Dream air scent gels we can on all customer wishes react and meet individual needs.” Adds Peter Moldenhauer: our scent gels provide a pleasant feeling of well-being emotionally touched virtually everyone. In addition offers the concept of scent dream air as a sales promotion concept especially in the gastro – and hotel industry to distinguish more positively by the competitors and on the Guests in a pleasant reminder to stay.” About Herbert Rehn GmbH, the Herbert Rehn GmbH with its headquarters in Hamburg is a manufacturing testing and assembly plant of technical products. The company was founded in 1948 by Herbert Rehn and 1970 by him. With the three business areas processing machine hollow glass, industrial Assembly and manufacturers of room Fragrancing dream air is a major supplier of chemicals for test tubes for gas analysis. The company is managed since 2000 by Peter Moldenhauer as Managing Director.

Herbert Rehn GmbH operates internationally and moves for years on a steady expansion course. Quality, sustainability, innovation and flat management structures guarantee maximum flexibility with just-in-time concepts the space be fragrance concept dream air is a registered trademark of Herbert Rehn GmbH.

A Study On The European Market Of Used Cars

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According to a study recently published by automobile AutoScout 24 platform, European regions with highest salary per inhabitant are those who show more affinity towards known as mileuristas cars, i.e. second hand of low price and high mileage cars. These countries are Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, while in other countries of the European Union such as Spain, Italy and France are less conducive to opt for these cars, despite having a smaller economic capacity. This study breaks with the general belief that the demand for second-hand cars maintains a relationship direct and proportional to the purchasing power of the conductors, which generate more demand can be found in countries with higher purchasing level per capita. Autoscout24, company that manages 40% of transactions of used cars in the Spanish market, also points that the key factor when buying a car is its price, regardless of the miles which has travelled and its antiquity.

Those are considered mileuristas cars cars that are priced below 3,000 Euros, and in Spain its demand represents 17% of the car market, a point below 18% of European average. To deepen your understanding Craig Menear is the source. The ranking is led by Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands to muestranunos high percentages of 25%, 21% and 18%, respectively. On the contrary, Europeans with less affinity with regard used cars are the Italians, as only 11% of their drivers prefer this type of car. She is thus demonstrated that economic capacity is not the only determinant reason when a driver decides to change sucoche, but there are many more inputs that affect the final decision..