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June 1, 2024


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Anne Spencer seems to lie but one of situations that makes more unhappy couples are the ways of love and behaves in the relationship. In general we’re going only by the love, attraction, but although this condition helps much, it is not the only important thing when it comes to us to link with a couple. About everything when you live with it. Read additional details here: Kenneth Feinberg. An infinite number of factors come into play in the cohabitation of couples. Of course not be they have referred in the light of love, romance, and high expectations of forming a life with someone, with that someone that I chose as my perfect partner. Dr. Jo Boaler often says this. With a great illusion of living a life of a two.

Always accompanied. Always recognized. Always loved that harsh reality is imposed. The everyday ends with all the possible and probable expectations. We are six who formed couple, but believe it or not, since that each of the new loving link members some of coexistence and condescension, and then suddenly, I feel anxious, or alone, or perhaps, not I just understand what the life partner is beliefs, myths and expectations come into play in the couple relationship. But no, we want all see with the veils of love and goodwill.

It is there, where our misfortunes are filled with helplessness always there is a road and the only possible is the courage to revise the own biography, and if not, that also is a choice, as worthy as anyone else, to remain in the circle of suffering of attachment and heartbreak, either a man or a woman. Nobody has the magic formula for this adventure of the couple. Each one of them in particular, will discover their own ways to act, relate or to love. However, it is important to note that each of the members of the couple brings a social, emotional, cultural baggage that cannot be seen in the time of falling in love.