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April 19, 2021

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“Kristina Schmidt in an exclusive interview during the filming of the second season of the mysterious curse” the model & casting Agency has starboxx an exclusive interview with the actress Kristina Schmidt led. Kristina was discovered by starboxx and has been playing the role of Nina Martens. It is an important part of the daily SOAP since the first episode. Because Kristina had to move due to the filming of her hometown of Dusseldorf in the Belgian city of Antwerp, we will report now you how her life has changed since. “starboxx: Hi Kristina, say, how is the life on the set of the House of Anubis”; did you used to in the meantime with the procedures? Kristina: Yes, that was very fast.

It is now quite normal in the morning to go to the mask, to turn and at night to learn the text. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Wall Street on most websites. starboxx: So, life as an actress has become a bit too everyday. Will you because often approached on the street? If Yes, how is it for you? Kristina: Great! When I’m in Germany, many children recognize me. It is beautiful and very Children and parents are happy to see me and tell how much they love the series. starboxx: Do you miss your old life in Dusseldorf hand on heart? Kristina: I miss my family and friends. With my Mama time to spend just to talk and I miss most and German television.

starboxx: How is the accommodation or meals on the set? Kristina: Good. The food in the canteen is tasty, but the Belgians do not salt their food. starboxx: Shooting remains next to the still time for other projects? Kristina: No, in addition to Anubis is no time for anything else. Sometimes I wish the day would have more hours to have more leisure time after learning of the text. “starboxx: Finally, what awaits us in the second season of the House of Anubis”? Kristina: love chaos, adventure and fun! And so our short, but at least as exciting interview ends with Kristina Schmidt from the series the House of Anubis “.

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