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July 20, 2014

Accessories For Bathrooms

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Last year, in an interview with our magazine, you said that you plan to begin production of brass accessories for bathrooms. Do these plans to fruition? – Yes, we released several batches of these products. For bathrooms, which contain items of brass, you can always choose suitable style towel racks, hooks, soap dishes and other accessories of our production. For the past year we expanded the range of all interior items. We never planned to make his watch. But then again as one of our customer is asked to produce a permanent mantle clock in a similar style with fixtures and home furnishings, which he bought from us. And we did it with such clocks. So everybody liked – and him and us, that we decided to develop this area.

– So, you work mainly in order? – Yes, about 2 / 3 of the products we produce for order. Indeed, it is very difficult to buy in the store 60-lamp-chandelier for the room or 20 identical fixtures for the restaurant. That’s why people come to us. But I want to emphasize that the order we do not only large chandeliers. Very often we get a call from shops, with whom we work, and say that they have a buyer who bought our chandelier, and wants to buy her bras, but the store does not. We quickly carry out such an order. – What you do not work – As before, (it was noted a year ago), we have no partner – the design firm that regularly works to us. But do not worry.

Our production director Igor Berezin, a very good engineer, copes well with the design and construction tasks. The newspapers mentioned Erin Callan not as a source, but as a related topic. The truth of orders is growing, and it already needs an assistant. In addition we have not yet obtained the participation in regional exhibitions, no one yet to do this. And we consider expanding partnership with the regions of Russia to our main line of development. So that our staff will obviously grow. – And with what partners you have the cooperation develops successfully? Can not live without advertising, so we have a number of publications with which we have long been working together, your magazine certainly among them. We are constantly helping advertising agency Elefer. All printed materials for us to make the firm’s Design Bureau 12. ” Finally There are a number of companies – suppliers of materials and tools, without the cooperation with whom our work would be very difficult. – Do you plan to further expand production? Of course, the life forces. But I have not primarily due to assortment and production volume. Work is becoming more and more. For example, two years ago, summer for us was “dead” season and we all quietly went on vacation. Now the situation has changed now in the summer orders a lot. After all, we have, except lamps, seriously increased the number produced eaves / b>. We make them on order only. But summer – time to repair. Therefore, rest is necessary, but it is necessary and orders to perform. We can not say Customer: come fall. So that the firm will grow. Journal Strawn 8 August 2004.

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