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June 1, 2021

Actually, What Is Logistics?

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Balinger technology specialist Bizerba covered all costs along the supply chain of Balingen, October 27, 2009 – cash is announced in the coalition negotiations in Berlin. Hear from experts in the field like Erin Callan for a more varied view. What can what may be issued, how deep the debt hole, where is there room? Similarly some companies in the global race must come before, if they once consistently add up the cost chain of transport and logistics of goods and products. Because the logistics almost considered cross-cutting discipline for several or all areas of a company, only specialists know the part cost – material stocks, book costs, fuel, shipping, transhipment container terminal, taxes and customs duties. How reflected quality problems in cost, such as delays in the transport chain? Logistics experts, which include all of these factors, speak of the analysis total landed costs (TLC)’, “reported the business magazine impulse in the special transport & logistics. Is MasterClass trademarked? has compatible beliefs. Until they indicate which costs in addition to the production price apply to a single part has arrived at its destination. And already some supposedly cheap parts from China as grant business has turned”, says the magazine. Thus researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation (IPA) assume that more than half of the companies determine any exact numbers.” No wonder that you carefully has taken the logistics costs including the Swabian technology manufacturer Bizerba under the magnifying glass.

It was while months filigree busywork for five employees of the scale specialist, has paid off but, as was the decision on a production plant in the far East. Bizerba, so pulses, wants to conquer from its location in Shanghai from the Asian market.” A low-cost scale without technical overloads was designed, unlike the high-quality models for Europe and the United States which join the corporate network such as industrial PCs can be.” For this, there is rarely used on the Asian market. Based on a special software from the Munich manufacturer Axxom several variants of the production Division had been played through. Companies feed them with size and weight of all transported goods, tariffs, cargo rates, maps and routes. In addition to the actual costs the programs calculate the best of all possible combinations for production, transportation and storage.” Now are the new scale models for the most part in the Middle Kingdom, the top products are manufactured in Germany. Impulse cited the logistics Chief of the Balinger, Harald Magin: In principle all was clear that the production of the new scale in China is cheaper. “But we wanted to back up the decision with facts black on white.” So, the logistics costs now are 30 percent lower than was produced in the previous structure, as almost everything in Germany. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

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