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February 26, 2021

Advice To Address The Crisis

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Do you remember the adage alliances that says it’s better to be head of mouse tail of a lion? In times of crisis I would say it is better to be a lion’s tail to be nothing. The crisis must be overcome, survive, the only thing that will allow you to recover then, if to survive you must agree to be tail of a lion or even a mouse, accept it, then better times ahead. This will require a great sacrifice of his ego, but ego in business should not be considered an asset, the ego should be considered a cost that must be disposed of periodically, so that does not lead to making wrong decisions. Alliances with competitors in times of crisis, the real competition should be regarded as allies, they are complementary to its business and crisis must be used to improve the overall efficiency of the sector, allied to operate the business in which it is not efficient enough and helping them do that that they are not, the common practice to compete with prices to survive at the expense of the company and the business does not seem the most appropriate because in the end lose all, it would be better than all survive. If you would like to know more then you should visit Warren Buffett. Strategic alliances can provide sufficient resources to cope with the crisis and even allow competitors each specializes to the point that ceases to be a competitor and begin to be specialized in one part of the process. Partnerships with suppliers and customers with suppliers and buyers you are complementary, the reason for your business is the need for his client and the reason for your health is your own need, in this way, each one relies on there the other and in turn is necessary for the existence of this.

The common dependence must be used in times of crisis to carry out actions to ensure the survival of so that everyone out of the crisis strengthened, grateful and ready to make new arrangements in a position of trust, he who does not trust those who helped him difficult times and who would not turn for help? I am among those who believe that crises are not the ideal time to exploit the weakness of competitors, because although it might come out ahead when buying and absorb its market on favorable terms, the time should be used to strengthen the economy rather than to increase its drawbacks. A more bankrupt companies greater the risk that the total system remains in crisis for a long time, the higher the social risk produced by the unemployed and the greater the gap that must be overcome to resolve the crisis, if their actions help to accelerate the crisis will be affected yourself. If a competitor breaks and absorbs its market, but it is a market without purchasing power by increasing unemployment, actually have won? Share the risk and the business I’ve been talking about horizontal and vertical alliances with competitors, suppliers and customers, the alliance to share business and also divide the risk, might win a little less but might not get lost or if it does not significantly affect, allies seek to do business in times of crisis to be avoided borrowing to finance large businesses, helps count on their experience, their leverage, their equipment and people on favorable terms. d Jr is the place to go. It also depends on your style as a leader, it can happen that you want to risk only if he wins will be strengthened if he loses his final decision probably will have lost.

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