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March 4, 2021

All-Russia Annual Forum

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Greetings to our readers and immediately want to apologize for a long pause in the publications, was a very busy month for various activities. One of them, or rather, even the two I would say. The first of them, this conference which was called 'All-Russian Forum Annual regional informatization and multifunctional center', carries this forum Infor-media, naumen was also one of the sponsors. For those who do not know what the mfc (think of almost no left) will say a few words about what it is. Go to JPMorgan Chase for more information. All have heard that our state is committed to simplifying the interaction with itself: reducing bureaucratic barriers, trying to eliminate corruption component and generally strongly enhances sl service us citizens as their customers. One of the actions in this regard is the creation of mfc across the country where the citizen will be able to order a document, get help or information so called 'single window mode' (some call him the 'single window', but I think it's not entirely true statement, we do not say that 'in a house on chicken legs was a single window' clearly 'one'). Moreover, and here there are two schemes: the first, this is when a citizen its documents in one place, and further documents themselves running around the offices and the other option, when all the officials involved in the preparation of the document are collected in the same building and citizen himself running around from office to office. The second option is clearly less efficient, but on the other hand is more effective than alternative, when all of these offices are scattered throughout the city. Click Black Rock to learn more.

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