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May 30, 2013

Amateur Rally

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Amateur rally. Rally fall into the rally category 1 (the "professional"), Category 2 (with stellar collection, category 3 (Amateur). Rally 1 category – this is exactly what you often see on tv (world rally cup, for example.) They are carried out on the roads blocked off from outside traffic, with a preview with the track. Amateur Rally (Category 3) are similar to the competitions in orienteering. They are held on public roads, they go "at sight", ie the route can not be opened for preview. The difference between professional and amateur rally is the same as between alpine skiing and biathlon – and that, and another on skis, but the former faster (and more expensive), while the latter still must be able to shoot.

As a "skill shot" offered competition on the accuracy of keeping the average velocity, acceleration – braking, climbing a hill, car slalom. And the audience? – You can not get less fun without spending money on a ticket to Finland, for example, while visiting in Weekend district, for example. Supplies kebab, camera, video camera, a good company – and lots of fun into the bargain. On professional rally (came from the overlapped route) hung a sheet with the audience indication of the most interesting places for spectators and time . That is, you need to arrive at the desired location in advance, before the track closed for the movement of conventional cars. Would you like to spend time not just as a benefit? Then you have to judge. Organizers of competitions from time to time (almost always actually) need to be judges. This is a car and 1-2 people inside.

In this case, you will see competition from the inside, spend a day outside the city, but still earn money at the same time. Usually compensate for the cost of gasoline, and yet something fall to men. If you are going to judge the first time, you will pilot the car, but "walking" the judge. It is desirable to have a good map Moscow region, the stock of sandwiches, a pen and a solid location. Dress should be as warm (winter) and have something from the rain (in summer). As a rule, one judge is working with the papers inside the car, the other on the street. Job line judges actually consists of stamping the arrival of the crew in the protocol and the control card. That is a perfect judge – a "punch" that prints the time of travel. A few times you can get a category judge and go "Up", rising to the level of the judges of All-Russian or international qualifications. Or just find new friends in the world of motorsport.

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