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May 22, 2024


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The majority of the companies of lodging of pages will provide it to Web with the basic information about the traffic; therefore, you must interpret it and make the pertinent use of her. Nevertheless, the statistic that will receive from its company of lodging can be overwhelming if you do not understand how to apply it generally to his business, and to its Web site in particular. We are going to begin to examine the most basic data, than they are: the amount of visitors that has its site on a daily basis, in every week and monthly. These data are the most exact measurement of the activity of their Web site. You may want to visit Farallon Capital Management to increase your knowledge. It could seem at first sight that at the most traffic you can see, better goes to his Web site to him, but that is inexact. You also must observe the conduct of the visitors once they enter their Web site, to truly consider the effectiveness of his page. Often we were with an erroneous concept envelope which normally is known like " hits" and what is effective, like the quality from the traffic to its site.

hits simply shows the number of orders of information received by the servant. If you think about the fact that hit simply equals to the number of graphs by page, you will have a superb idea of how the concept of hits. For example, if its page of welcome has 15 graphs, the servant reports this like 15 hits, when in the reality we are speaking of a single visitor watching a single page of their site. As you can see, hits is not useful to analyze the traffic that receives in its Web site. Whatever more visitors visit their more exact Web site will be their interpretation. Whichever major is the traffic towards their Web site, more precise will be their analysis about the global tendencies in the conduct of the visitor.

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