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February 2, 2021

Angel Company

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Should I quit my job and throw myself into the void? When should I start? You’re almost convinced. These insurance that your concept of company is viable and you’ve been paving the way. But you have doubts and fears. First, you should know that your concerns are common and healthy. Do the things in your time is important and tardiness can be disastrous.

That said, launch yourself without being prepared is not advisable. Contact information is here: Citi Private Bank. To identify the right time, considers the following questions: what are your current obligations? Do you have children? A mortgage? How much money you need to live? The economic aspect cannot be ignored. It is likely that your new company does not generate revenue sufficient for months to cover all your personal expenses. Do in the meantime with which resources have? Accounts already with some customers? For me, the best time to start a new project is almost always when you have actual customers willing to pay for my services. Even if they are only one or two, this support gives substance and strength to a difficult situation.

Obviously, if you think about opening a shop, need more preparation than a company’s services or consulting. Have you calculated the entire initial investment you’ll have to do? Is this investment plan contrasted with someone you trust who has experience? You’ve created an economic model of your business? In general, do not advise work hard planning the future, because the reality of the future rarely matches the simulation that we have prefabricated. However, faced with a new initiative, is a positive exercise. It is not matching the real numbers, but turn your plan into numbers. Mira. Businesses are highly numerical. At end of the day, revenues have exceed the costs and that is measured with cold and absolute numbers. A businessman has to learn to turn sensations into concrete realities. When you’ve finished your model, divide your income forecast by two. Do you endure a situation like this? If the answer is impossible, then perhaps is not yet the time to make the leap. The black beast of every young company is the Treasury. And finally you must evaluate you to yourself. Before you take the big step, the engine of your company (your) must be fully ready. Ahead, there are months and months of effort on a scaffold painting your own Sistine Chapel. Miguel Angel, gave us all a great lesson on the path to excellence. It is true that it was genius. But most important he had courage, fearlessness and delivery necessary to turn your vision into reality. Nothing was able with his determination and there is his work to contemplate. Here you will find more information about how to create a company.

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