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July 16, 2020

Argentina Circumstance

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Underlying this concept that is later: Industrial society and industry man, on which both machacaban teachers in universities, as if it were, the pinnacle of well-being. That use of household appliances was accompanied by all a proliferation of the service sector and its crowning could be considered them first supermarkets, and then the shopping malls. These latter points of sales of the goods of certain brands, which were already traded at transnational level, to such an extent that today in a shopping center installed in any large or medium-sized city in the world, trade marks and their respective logos are the same and the only thing that changes is the respective language, which coexists with the language source brandsusually from countries of the Group of eight. We overlook the negative effects that these consumption patterns have generated in countries such as Argentina, contributing to your decapitalization, because what we want to emphasize is that all of this became the internalization of guidelines to the everyday life of a significant part of their habitantes(ello es extrapolable a muchos paises), implying an addition to its cultural fluency. And cultural anthropology or Ethnology teaches us that when something is incorporated in the farrago of a culture, it is not easy to change it, unless a circumstance other traumatic. Everything seems to indicate that the traumatic circumstance has already arrived and with a veneer of permanence in this kind of development, there are many underlying concepts, for the purposes of not lengthening them. However must be particular tino, record all those concepts that make them understandable. Although the american way of life, has its own contours, not be should considered it as a complex of things born of nothing or zero based, but as an upgrade (upgrade) of what some call culture euro-americana or Western..

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