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January 15, 2021

Argentine Foreign Ministry

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The services of intelligence will instantly get your photo, your personal data, and your location. Those who voted are now prisoners of the regime. No matter where they are, it is impossible to escape the vigilance of the State. Where they show an identity document, or leave your fingerprints, the Ministry will know it. Violence is just around the corner. The police state will be imposed inclementemente. Congress will allow the massive influx of Venezuelan troops taking monitoring military of Bolivia, creating inner uneasiness and tension bordering Peru and Chile. Continental consequences of what will happen will be atrocious.

The heart of South America is in the hands of a dictatorial regime Marxist Communist guerrillas, encouraged such as Ernesto Guevara dreamed! The first foreign country to experience the expansion of the ideals of the revered criminal, will be the people that saw it born. The FARC and Hezbollah, will be responsible to bring terrorism to the Argentina. Considering that the vast majority of its population qualifies on the left, and Che is among the most admired popular idols, with their photographs infecting from the showcases of fashion until the last quarter hovel. They must feel elegir. The influence of Bolivia on the Argentina is greater that the generality perceives. According to infallible scientific studies, carried out in 2006 for the Argentine Foreign Ministry on the basis of the model developed by Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler.

In Bolivia you will produce a civil war with hemispheric implications. It is estimated that you between 600,000 and a million Bolivians will seek shelter in Argentina, with catastrophic impact on its economy. The Casa Rosada must spend between 400 and 1,000 million dollars (which do not have them) to give shelter to the always detested black heads. It is likely that violence, indeed to domino, start when Hugo Chavez decides to attack Colombia, as it has been announcing. When a President, military, coup, despotic, unbalanced and hypothesized, threatens war, there is that listen to it.

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