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April 15, 2015


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Traffic with articles consists of the wording of articles relating to the topic of your website and the niche market to be directed, to be published in directories of articles which are visited daily by thousands of people who are in search of information material. Articles should have on average 500 words, be organized based on phrases or key words properly distributed within the article according to the number of words, the title must call attention to attract readers, must be rich in content for your niche market and no advertising for your web site because it is likely that its publication will be rejected. Publish it first on your website then in the greatest number of directories and web respecting rules and policies, to see effective results must be constant to publish at least one article per week. In the majority of sites dedicated to the publication of articles you have a space or info box where you can enter your personal data, your links and keywords of your niche market, optimizing and effectively positioning your website in search engines. Publishing articles is the best techniques to publicize your business in the network as well as other multiple benefits to identify you as the author, as a professional to the audience that is interested in the topic and among more write articles more results you get, will generate more traffic to your web site and shall be positioned naturally more quickly in search engines. The articles are and will be one of the best ways to promote a website, if it is done appropriately and regular is a fast and secure method to attract new subscribers or customers, will be able to offer their products to thousands of people, readers can choose after reading your article visit its web site and the visits in addition to generating traffic and positioning, will generate you income; readers will learn from his writings and you will begin to build trust and credibility. It is a proven strategy to increase the popularity of your website and a free and effective way to generate traffic.

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