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January 19, 2021

As Cultivate Orchids

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Against what you believe, the sonplantas easy to grow orchids and reasonable price. Thanks to modern methods of reproduction, you can enjoy some beautiful species with minimal investment.These exotic flowers, resist adverse conditions and adapt to any environment. If you take care of them well, they are almost immortal. The American Orchid Society gives these tips for beginners: buy a strong orchid. Choose a kind of green leaves, that does not have yellow or black markings. If you buy new plants Orchid, aislalas for two weeks before joining the collection in a container.

So, you impediras that insects or diseases infecting other orchids. The plant must have roots firm in a mixture of sand and stones, bits of bark, ferns or other loose compound that keep roots well aerated and allow the water to be absorbed soon. Never crops it on land, because it does not turn on. It will die instantly. Waters the plant, deeply, once a week. It is better to do it during the day, so the plant absorbs water at night.

Deja is absorbed well before returning to moisten. Orchids are better equipped to withstand the lack of water, that the excess. During the hot months, turns fan or open Windows so that they aired well. If your orchid is inside the House, manipulates the heating so that at night down 10 degrees, especially in autumn and winter, season in which the majority of orchids produce their bulbs. This way you will help them produce more flowers. Most orchids need bright light. Preferably, 6 hours of light a day. If you notice that the leaves are dark green, it is a sign that lack them light. Place the pot of orchids front Windows that give to the South and East. The Windows overlooking the West can be very hot during the afternoon. And those who watch North, are usually very dark. Don’t need to put too much fertilizer, because but they will grow weak and will fall victim to diseases. Apply a mild solution 20-20 – 20, once a week. During the autumn, place a special fertilizer, with much phosphorus and low nitrogen, as the formula 10-30-20, to encourage blooming. Orchids appreciate much moisture. They need an environment with 50 per cent of moisture or more. As soon as the plants begin to flower, remove dead flowers and dried leaves to allow the roots to breathe.

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