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January 21, 2021

Avoid Becoming A Victim Online

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Online purchases and payments to travez Site, we simplify life, yes. But we know that gossiping friends, are everywhere. But you're ready. The internet … that great invention, every day more people that use this tool so powerful and entertaining ways and customs. Credit cards and debit cards have made payments, transactions, etc are much easier than before, without the long lines, and the discomfort that this causes.

Well, you must know that there are many ways to try to surprise him and be with their savings. Do not be alarmed, all entities of this sector, are very well prepared to detect any abnormality. But working together will end with these events, because in reality, it is very difficult to be forewarned. The technology has been done to simplify the life of man, not to create more headaches. Most common methods: 1 .- There are criminals who are doing a website similar to your bank, get your email and we will send an interface, where they are asked their data. That friend, is the most common form, called "phishing." The Bank will never ask DATA IN THIS WAY. Always will be under tight security, EITHER VIA TELEPHONE.

2 .- Trojans: It's a more direct method, someone manipulates your personal computer, and you install one of these programs, which are designed to monitor everything you do on the PC, including financial transactions, and passwords that you type in the day. 3 .- RED WIRELESS: The Wireless, is perhaps the transfer of information, more vulnerable. But with proper care of the network does not need to worry. Check with your provider, safety standards. Hints and Tips: 1 .- Before a transfer, be informed enough, read, talk to your bank and the service provider. 2 .- Remember that personal data, only you know. No one asks, or by via email or telephone. 3 .- Check that the website where you made the transaction is protected by systems: Secure Code (for cards Mastercard) and Verified by Visa (VISA card) 4 .- When these cases are concerned, avoid accessing your bank's website through a link, type it directly in your browser. 5 .- Change your passwords regularly. 6 .- Never lose sight of your card when making any payment. 7 .- Avoid any transaction booths, do it on your home computer, and give continued maintenance, updating antivirus (Check with your provider.)

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