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November 27, 2019

Avoiding The Scam

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According to Nemesysco, its accuracy as a lie detector has proven to be less important than its ability to rule out interrogations in which there are problems with the alibi of the subject quickly. Officials can act much faster than their traditional interrogation techniques. Already in use by some American agencies of law enforcement, the new software is being considered for approval. The Chief of Police of Waupun Wisconsin, Tom Winscher is using the technology of V. LVA “The use of this technology in professional investigations is amazing,” said Winscher to

Winscher has about 31 years of experience in law enforcement, including 25 years teaching interrogation techniques and other technologies for voice analysis. “You can analyze not only talks” live “but you can do a thorough analysis of the interview, or make analysis off-line conversations recorded. This allows the body of law focus on areas that require further investigation, saving much time. ” In another commercial application, the British financial firm HBOS (Halifax Bank of Scotland) is testing to see if discarded LVA technology to customers who make fraudulent claims to the insurer. The LVA technology measures voice with a range of parameters including deception, excitement, stress, mental effort, concentration, hesitation, anger, love and lust. Works with recordings, phone or live, the company said. V Entertainment recommends it to monitor phone calls in an investigation, checking the veracity of the people with whom you deal or gauging romantic interest.

The display can show each measured parameter in a separate window, with real-time traces of instantaneous measurements while highlighting the actual outcome of each parameter, as “probably false” “High tension” or “SOS”. Besides lie detection, Dave Watson, the chief operating officer of V stated that the technology can also measure for other emotions such as anxiety, fear or even love. ” Indeed V Entertainment offers the software “love detector” for PocketPC that can be attached to a phone line or work with tapes. Instead of colored LEDs, a bar graph on the screen indicates how much “loves” the person you called. V Entertainment says that the love detector company has demonstrated a 96 percent reliability. Ultimately, the company plans to offer versions of its detectors foot mobile phones, dating agencies, educational scholarships, toys and games. Parton says she is about to close a deal with American from a state that seeks to detect workers’ compensation claims fraud. It also has other ideas. “Someday we’ll put on the phones of senior citizens,” he says. “When people try to scam you, hang up.”

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