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June 7, 2014

Baby Safety

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When parents are faced with these issues, becomes relevant products for the safety of children who have blocked access child to many things, to secure it thus from injury, and themselves moms and dads – from additional problems. Production of various kinds of "stick-vyruchalochek>> for parents in Russia is the only company engaged . Your baby is a little older, he was able to open the boxes and all sorts of doors. Everyone knows that young children are very curious. And it will be very interesting to see what is there behind these eye-catching baby doors, as well Similarly, in the boxes. But in our mailboxes are stored such things as the baby is still too early and it is dangerous to use. Our kids love to play door-in closets, as they are easily moved.

But the pain can bring these rolling around the door a little finger of the child. Cabinet doors and drawers baby can also pinch your fingers, pull out these harmful and dangerous to his subjects, and drop over a box. Catch "Dad, Mom>> from Baby Safety helps avoid these unpleasant moments in the lives of our pets. Locks for furniture from children, "Daddy, Mom>> intended to commit all kinds of doors and drawers. The latch is fastened with screws from the back of furniture so that he was unavailable for playful eye of the kid and did not spoil the look of furniture. When you open the box and / or doors latch locks and will not allow the box, the door opened and shut.

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