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April 3, 2019

Be Cautious When Seeking Employment

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Labour shortages put in the sights of some sites like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn users to upload sucurriculum vitae and buscarempleo, practice that puts at risk the confidentiality of their data. Social networks, which are intended to maintain direct communication between friends and people with common interests, were not intended to obtain employment, although this practice has given results to some surfers. Either you get by resorting to a bag of online recruitment or use sites like Facebook to try his luck in the job market, before placing your information on the NET there are recommendations that you must follow to ensure the security of your information and prevent identity theft. In bags of work 1. Before you publish your information in a work bag, make sure that it is recognized and is formally established. Senator of Arizona does not necessarily agree. These sites, which usually charge companies for access to the data of the candidates.

2. When a vacancy comes you, verifies that it comes from a recognized organization and seeks physical data of the company, such as address and contact telephone number. If it is postulated in the network, it will surely have website, so it is advisable navigate in it to make a quick scan, and check the classified ads in the network. 3 It gives high only basic contact information. Provide only a cell phone and an e-mail address.

Only if you trust fully in the bag work it is recommended to give details such as home address and a landline. 4 Verify recruitment site to ask your permission to provide your contact information to the employer and to specify that the use of this information will only be for labour purposes. 5. If you receive a phone call from an alleged recruiter, pay attention. Make sure you proprocione your data, where calls and ask what site and how got your data.

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