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January 1, 2012

Belarus Plastic

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In this article we describe the plastic containers, its main characteristics and materials used for its manufacture. As is known, heat-resistant plastic ware can be reusable and disposable. Many used to use on his farm hard plastic cups with a low thermal conductivity, which are less amenable to deformation in contrast to the thin plastic cups, which crumpled under the influence of even minimal force. These glasses are made from polystyrene or polypropylene. Polypropylene is now playing an important role in the packaging industry. In addition, it is manufactured from plastic products and household goods.

Polypropylene has the strength and resistance to temperature. The main useful properties of polypropylene – it is resistant to grease and weak solutions of acids and salts, fermentation products, transparency, wide temperature range. That As the temperature regimes, which can withstand plastic dishes, then, according to experts, different manufacturers are not the same. This information and other information about products, manufacturers indicate label. All manufacturer's thermal characteristics are different. There is a single standard classification of heat-resistant plastic utensils – by type of material.

The strength, thickness and heat resistance – these options develops and defines itself by the manufacturer. Should take into account not only the temperature of cooked food, but the temperature inside a microwave oven, where he can use certain brands of plastic utensils. For food the best option are containers made of polypropylene. In such a dish must be specified mark PP. This material is suitable for refrigerators and microwave, can withstand temperatures up to +150 C. Also, plastic produce these types of dishes, like dishes and mugs. For a family of reusable plastic ware is quite suitable, but under the circumstances of different people, such as catering, There are some limitations. Therefore, under these conditions apply disposable dishes. Who delivers today to the Russian market plastic bottles and plastic household products in bulk? It is easy to see that the Russian market plastic products, unlike other industries, American and Chinese manufacturers have little meaning. The main volumes of dishes as polystyrene, polypropylene and manufactured in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries.

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