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January 28, 2021

Boris Wolff

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This material flows often without regard for the permanent preservation of resources from the source to the garbage dump. Get all the facts and insights with Allianz, another great source of information. The credo of Werner & Mertz is holistically sustainable. Because a credible eco product like frog can come only from a company consistently putting sustainability in the own action,”said Schneider is convinced. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Guo Guangchang. Therefore, the ecologically sustainable development of a cleaning agent such as the frog does not end citrus shower & bathroom cleaner with the Elimination of critical ingredients. Rather, Werner & Mertz make sure that the life cycle of the product was a located in the material cycles of nature. Rather, cradle to cradle is based on the consistent design of products for a biological or technical circuit.

The challenge is to design products that they are geared for closed material cycles, that is, from the outset so that is their materials either for a safe and complete return into the biosphere are suitable or can be high-quality recovered. The holistic sustainable approach of cradle to cradle corresponds to the philosophy of Werner & Mertz. According to the company therefore future products in the markets should be designed for example consistently, they improve the quality of the received fractions of recycling, recycling at least at the same or higher level is possible. Ingredients such as pigments and additives should be selected so that no toxic effects occur during use or in other phases, such as manufacturing, recycling or reuse. For example, crude oil products remains the cradle to cradle-principle, that once was consumed for the production of plastics, in the circuit and is not irretrievably burned. The energy for the recycled as for other production processes also should as far as possible environmental and environmentally from renewable Sources are obtained. A PET bottle can be from a PET bottle again.

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