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July 27, 2012

Brazil Continental Country

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Brazil: Continental country and of contrasts! The present article was written when we elaborated the Project Pedagogical Politician of our public school, as part of the situacional landmark. This was a text that took the professor to reflect our reality and to understand that our country has continental dimension, with enormous differences of income and job, with a imensido of places with the most diverse climatic conditions, cultural and educational variety and with pssimas infrastructure conditions. We live in a rich Country, however these wealth would have to benefit all, it is not distributed of form uniform, still it has millions of Brazilians living in the misery. We are part of world-wide the economic block that defends the capitalist system of production and, in this globalizada economy reigns the profit and the exaggerated consumption, concentrating income at the hands of few, making that if it accents the social inaquality; still the large state persists that generates the agricultural exodus and the swell of the cities what it provokes violence, lacks of housings, unemployment and take Brazil to have characteristics of 3 world. In the aspect politician, it is observed interference of the globalization of the economy and, makes with that the actions politics are come back to the international interests, where human being is not valued. The political parties are not fortified and gain prominence who are in the power and finish little not corresponding to the yearnings it people, promoting the common good.

The partisan ideologies favor the corruption, and the citizenship finishes having indifference; it is prioritized construction of workmanships ' ' faranicas' ' that they can relieve votes. The campaigns politics sharpen certain rancor between candidates who desire the power stop of it taking off advantage. The impostures are constant that not only involve legislative, as well as the executive and until the judiciary one.

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