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May 8, 2018

Brazilian Urbanization

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(1997). ‘ ‘ The Urban Reformation: Limites and Possiblidades. UmTrajetria Incompleta’ ‘. Ribeiro, Luiz Cesar de Queiroz and Orlando dosSantos Alves Jr (orgs.).

Globalization, Fragmentao and the Urban Reformation. deJaneiro river: Brazilian civilization: 309-325. MEDEIROS, L. Formation of the River Society. Porto Alegre: UFRGS, 1975, pp.

101-118. The author explains as this migration occurred of the zonarural for small urban centers and of these for the region metropolitan I deport Glad. MENEZES, Jose Mota Luiz. (1985), Some notes regarding the urban evolution of JooPessoa. Recife, Pool. RODRIGUEZ, Janete Lins DROULERS, Martine. (1981). Joo Person. Growth a capital. Joo Person, Foundation Marries of Jose Amrico. SAINTS, Milton. The Brazilian Urbanization. Hucitec, SoPaulo, 1993. 16 HISS, Lgia M. Tavares of (1997). ‘ ‘ Daily urban form and in the evolution of JooPessoa’ ‘ 186.

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