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January 26, 2021

Brick Masonry

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Own house – the dream of every person. But building your own home takes a lot of effort, time and money. However, for those who decided to build your house yourself to remember the multitude of nuances, and at each stage consult with specialists. If you decide to build a brick house, you should familiarize yourself with the question of the brickwork. Construction of houses of bricks long and complex process.

Need to know about that as being a brick masonry, basic styling, etc. try a little light this issue. Thus, construction of houses made of brick: brick. Brickwork is the following types: solid, with the air layer and filling. On outer and inner wall surface using only a brick.

Masonry must be strictly horizontal or vertical, to perform better on her cord-prichalke. For a beginner in building houses of brick should be on each set of pre-laying lay a mile from the inside and outside, and so that the gap between them was the thickness of the seam. The very masonry in the construction of houses made of brick is in this sequence. Trowel in take the right hand portion of the solution, the left hand removed verstovoy laid bricks, put in its place a solution, level, put a brick, light strikes the trowel handle press it into the solution so that the seam was desired thickness, and the top brick was in line with prichalkoy. His left hand up the second verstovoy brick trowel capture a portion of the box solution, put it in place removed bricks, level, a little clap trowel on the edge of previously laid brick and put a brick taken to the place, and pushing it into the solution, so it was on one line with prichalkoy. Other bricks are laid in the same way, occasionally rearranging prichalku. What else keep in mind when building houses out of brick? Certainly the strength of masonry. Durable masonry provides a complete ligation of the sutures. Also, the strength of masonry increases, eating you are using a wet brick.

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