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March 29, 2021

Buenos Aires

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Perhaps the other people respect the limits that you place and you finish not if approaching as they would like, you perhaps finish not giving to chance them things to happen. She relaxes. You are an interesting, pretty person and of character (this is rare currently). He believes this, gives to space people to arrive, counts them its history. I learned that people do not need to hide nothing or to be full of reserves, everybody I have problems and difficulties. People do not need to be worrying about the appearances.

I have very sociable an Argentine friend, the house of it is always full of friends. I adore to be with them, they know everybody, live with the full house. a time I was to visit it in Buenos Aires, and, without lie none, had ones 10 friends of it in waiting me to the airport. I did not believe. Then when &#039 gave one; ' brechinha' ' I asked for it as it obtained to make as many friends. That it was my bigger difficulty, that I did not obtain to full the fingers of the hands if he counted to all the friends who I made in my entire life.

I do not forget myself its reply. Said it me that I was being very demanding. A friend does not need to be a perfect person. Friends for everything exist, friends alone stop following in them to the supermarket, friends to count our problems, friends to go with us to search friends in the airport, same friends who only want to speak of itself, distracted friends, friends for ballads, friends to eat popcorn in house, friends who of the one to only go to one cineminha and ready. Complete friends do not exist, for everything, nail and meat. Read more from millennium management to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Each necessity ours, people finds in a different person. People mount a SUPER FRIEND, as it was itself a FRANKSTEIN, with a bit of each one. To vary, I wrote excessively. I go interfering itself in its life, exactly without being invited. I taste very of you. Unhappyly to be in another state distanciou in them very. Today, when people if find, half stranger, distant sounds exactly. Because friendship is something constructed in the day the day, the contact, the convivncia. I want to see you above all happy. Exactly with the restrictions of our distanciamento, I am here. Whenever to want to relieve is alone to bind. To say I want you that you are a bit of my Frankstein that I am mounting. It always writes. It is not finding that the people do not have time for you. You are a very interesting person. I wait that you have liked it book that ordered I you. I identified myself with it and the valley of the courage. is what I you desire now: Courage to face the next steps. Kiss, Smooth

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