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February 11, 2021

Caravan And Motorhome Well Over The Winter Bring

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‘ Winter Caravan pitch no matter whether you want to overwinter a caravan in Bremen, a camper in Chemnitz or a folding trailer in yard, some things are for an optimal standing “of mobile home required. To have much joy with the recreational vehicle next spring and to start immediately when the weather should consider the following tips for the right Winter Caravan and motorhome, or not thoroughly wash inside and out. may preserve outer skin with varnish. Awning control and store only in dry and clean condition. Repair paint damage to the building and the vehicle underbody for damage control and rust-prone places if necessary replaced with rust converter. Treat all rubber and door seals with silicone or rubber care spray. All joints of the brake rigging commonly make and lightly grease the hinges of the handle supports.

Trailer hitch cover. Clean the entire water system, the Removing particularly stubborn algae and bacterial surfaces create special cleaning agents from a specialist. Then water tank, water pipes and pumps, filters and water heater drain, do not forget fresh water tank and waste-holding tank of the camping toilet! Gas bottle close, disconnect from the mains and put up protective caps. The other should remain open throughout the winter. Caravans or mobile homes in enclosed spaces, the sunroof should stand a little open, to ensure permanent ventilation of the Interior. Pad for damage control, possibly mend (leave) and dry place, all cabinets and drawers empty as well as doors and doors open, so air can circulate. Caravan (trailer) so high that the wheels are completely relieved and can rotate freely Jack up.

If this is not possible, then you can relieve the tyres by cranks down the columns. It is cheap the Air pressure to increase 0.5 bar above the normal pressure; usually he has the correct value in the spring and then letting the pressure “. Who can turn the caravan or camper in the dry, find a suitable pitch certainly nearby outdoor. Should refrain from parking in the public transport area, already to prevent vandalism or other damage. It covers the camper outdoors with planning, then make sure that the ventilation openings are not covered. In addition we recommend when parking of RVs over the winter, check the radiator frost protection (at least. 30), disconnect the batteries, to avoid eventual discharge through leakage currents which is still connected to the top to fill the fuel tank to avoid corrosion in the tank and in addition to secure the vehicle against rolling away. Create first gear or reverse, no hand brake who is very smart and has the opportunity, builds Batteries out and stored them in a frost-free room. There, the acid density of water level and the charging condition be checked and adjusted if necessary can also survive the winter. Repairs are necessary, on the caravan or motorhome you should immediately perform these or run in a specialist workshop. Come with your piece of jewellery well over the winter or use for winter camping trips to enjoy the beauties of nature in frost and snow. For more information about pitches for caravan, motor boat, RV or Campingvan in the winter, on this Web page:

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