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April 1, 2021

Carlos Sancha – Fire

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The new single from Carlos Sancha – early available immediately in stores 2009 has come then breath of fresh air in the German-language rock and pop scene will provide a whole new face: Carlos Sancha says the man, is a funfundzwanzigjahriger singer with Spanish roots and has the appropriate passion in the luggage. There’s also a whopping charge on his debut album “Fire”, which will appear in the next spring without a doubt. The Carlos grew up in Germany and the United States discovered his love of music at an early age, but it was his first appearance in the teenage years, which opened his eyes to him: “Dude, that is what you want to do doesn’t matter, how much is it!”. And paid the man has… The blood, the sweat and the tears that so many newcomers like to lie on the lapel, were actually shed by Carlos: together with his long-time band companion he has the arduous way for his dream of rock ‘n’ roll, has played in the worst clubs and many disappointments and Setbacks need to put away. However, his enthusiasm and his fire of sympathetic Sancha has not rob. After countless gigs and miles on Germany’s streets, occurred two years ago finally a truly fateful and unexpected encounter, when Carlos sang at the wedding of a good friend. As luck would have it, was among the guests with Bob Arnz, one of the most successful German music producers in this decade.

Whose sense of extraordinary talents had given last several gold and platinum awards, as well as three echoes his protege LAFEE. To broaden your perception, visit Mortimer J Buckley. Arnz immediately recognized the special in Carlos’ voice and its enormous stage presence. The result of this collaboration is now available: “Fire” there of “quiet” and “romantic” about “Rocky” to back to “rebellious” everything your heart desires. In addition, Carlos processed in his songs of emotions and memories that most everyone can identify with. Does glutaugige singer in songs like “don’t go”, “a Life long”,”Total care”, and with his first single”Fire”in a refreshing manner and without a hand over his mouth to take. And of course Carlos trembles against the day again with his band, when it finally goes back to the street: “we are pleased and already huge it again on the stage to rock out and to present”Fire”live!”. In short: Carlos Sancha is a genuine guy and a passionate musician with an album of hammer at the ready. Source: Emi Music links: carlossancha

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