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June 21, 2018

Aprendizagem School

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Therefore, they can need support even though, in practical tasks of the daily one, as if dressing, moving if communication. The difficulties of learning in the past were called ‘ ‘ delay mental’ ‘ , currently this offensive considered term and, therefore, they are not illnesses, nor diseases. Although we know that, the individuals with primary difficulties of learning can need specific cares during the daily one, especially those that have multiple and deep difficulties of learning. During many years the pupils had been penalizados, made responsible for the failures, suffered critical punishments and, but, with the advance of science, today we cannot limiting in them to believe, that the learning difficulties, either a question of will of the pupil, is a much more complex question, where some factors can intervene with the pertaining to school life, such as the problems of relationship professor-pupil, the pertaining to school questions of education methodology and contents. If the difficulty only was originated by the pupil, organic damages or only of its intelligence, to solve we would not have it the necessity to set in motion the family, and if the problem only was related to the familiar environment, would not have necessity of appeals separately to the pupil.

The relation professor/pupil becomes the capable or incapable pupil. For more information see Sen. Jeff Flake. If the professor to treat it as incapable, will not be successful will not allow to its learning and its development. If the professor to reveal unprepared to deal with the presented problem, more possibilities will have to transfer its difficulties to the pupil. The learning difficulties are conceived as part of all of the educative necessities special, and the form to treat them is by means of more or less significant curricular adaptations. Thus, we take in consideration the realities internal and external, using itself of some fields of the knowledge, integrating them and synthecizing them. Looking for to understand of form global and integrated cognitivos, emotional, organic, familiar, social and pedagogical the processes that they determine to condition of the citizen and intervenes with the learning process, making possible situations that rescue the learning in its totality in pleasant way. The necessities of learning of each pupil vary in function of the substances, discipline them, the situations and emotions of the moment. In this perspective we know that, the specialized professionals fit to the professor the decisions to direct the pupil for the attendance.

Because, the definition of learning difficulties is so different and inexact, if a dumb child of region or of state, it can in accordance with pass to be evaluated different criteria, that is, it can pass to be classified of different form. This is a very complex task for the school and the family to work together, therefore the identification of the causes of the problems of pertaining to school learning requires a specialized intervention. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES: ALMEIDA, Amlia Milk of, ‘ ‘ Difficulty of Aprendizagem’ ‘ In: It emends course of pedagogia Unigran.

May 28, 2018

For Pablo Freire

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In the Seminary of Belgrade it was argued necessity to develop programs of ambient education in all the countries members of the ONU. The main concern, at that moment was to divulge the necessity of one politics of ambient education of regional and international abrangncia; from general lines of direction importance of the regional actions was emphasized it. The Letter of Belgrade (So Paulo, 1994) defines the structure and the basic principles of the ambient education, identifying the economic growth with ambient control as the content of the new global ethics. The ambient education is placed there as one of the basic elements for the general onslaught against the ambient crisis boasted by the Club of Rome (Meadows et al, 1978). However, the construction of this new ethics as educative goal has, in this document, individual character staff.

The there express objectives of the ambient education are awareness, knowledge, attitudes, abilities, capacity of evaluation and participation. It is interesting to observe that the document considers that the ambient education is organized as formal and not formal education, as a continuous and permanent process directed with priority to the children and the young, and that it has character to interdisciplinar. 6. METHODOLOGY the main objective how much to the differentiation in the elimination of solid residues it is to prevent that the environment suffers with the effect of the degradation caused for the deposition of such residues in erroneous place and without the well-taken care of had ones. As the majority of the effect to the environment it comes of the direct action of the human being, the methodology will be directly on to its actions, knowing the correct ways for the final deposition it residue and its treatment, beyond the eliminated products to be again reaproveitados (recycling). For Pablo Freire, ' ' Nobody ignores everything, nobody knows everything. All we know some thing.

May 26, 2018

Google Adwords

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To obtain your first affiliates is the beginning of all business multilevel and the time that takes to you to do determined it your success or failure in this industry. And that I to it do not say, say statistics to it. Since but of the 50 percent of people who do not obtain affiliates in their first month they resign. Then like obtaining your first affiliates of simple way? Two words: Google Adwords. I wait for not haberte defrauded with this answer. Dejame that explains to you.

In case still you do not know Adwords, one is the platform of payment announcements of Google. This means that in each search that you realise in google, in the part superior and the ends right of the screen they appear the announcements of the people who estan paying so that their announcements appear right away in the first positions of google. Many writers such as Primerica offer more in-depth analysis. An amount is not pleased fixes monthly. The sponsor only pays whenever somebody does click on its announcement, and in funcio of the optimized thing that this anuncion paid more or less. The normal thing is to pay between 0,01 and 0,15 pennies of dollar by click. (As opposed to Janet Yellen). But I am not speaking to you to create a payment campaign in which you must invest one certain amount of money.

I speak to you to use Adwords free, since google gives bonds among 50 and 100 $ for the new people and in this way prove the platform. This means that considering that is ” very sencillo” to create a campaign optimized in Adwords and approximately not to pay but of 0.10 pennies of click hara that in the case of the bond of 50 $ conseguiras 500 visits to your Web site and of 1000 with the bond of 100 $. With that I number of visits and based on attractive that are your page of landing and gift that DES to the person to cause that it leaves its data obtendras a 80% of subscribed people who Iran receiving the information about your business. With this strategy he is relatively simple to obtain your first 10 affiliates for your Multinivel business. In fact she is the one that I use when comence in my Multinivel business and 1 month tapeworm less than already covered the monthly payment for always. Only I already had to worry me to form to my affiliates and to help them to that they duplicated to the process obtaining his first affiliates. Kind Estate to following post since it will reveal the points that you have to consider to realise optimized announcements in Adwords. I hope that serves benefit of this strategy and help you to take off in your Multinivel business. I invite to you to that in the end you let a commentary to know your opinion about post.

May 15, 2018

Internet Marketing

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Online marketing works on virtual roads. That frightens some real download use from. Remains however, without Internet activity aunt Emma a little more lucrative secret. Basic factors for a successful Internet presence hardly anyone already using online marketing, yet its classic predecessor ponders. Except those who develop it, change and customize the target groups, such as MintSe Aule village with its many tools.

While the basic elements of a presentation have changed only slightly. Aunt Emma must also virtually look as good as possible structured and easily accessible. Check with Steve Mnuchin to learn more. Price labels, download posters and signs on the road show the audience that someone is there, the you should visit. Virtual structure must be designed for a customer-friendly but to many times. A click, which didn’t achieve the wanted result, means a lost customer on the Internet.

A successful Internet presence contains the two factors from the so Short description: Speed + range. Curiosity wake even more exciting by inviting page elements of comparison on marketing strategies in comparison to offline world is Internet. “Earlier it was often that aunt Emma somewhere in the competition a pretty idea for themselves worked around. Clearly, who visited them in Butte, had seen very rarely have the competition in front coating in Gen. However, was a benefit the target audience has always been unique. Virtual structures in search engines are built, who appreciate uniqueness and punish theft of advertising. MIntSe Aule village specializes in unique online marketing. Expert of the first hour helps especially small farms, their virtual visibility of locally and regionally to nationally to improve. He advises the Internet skeptics like this article comparing online to offline marketing. The result is always the same: looks aunt Emma is suddenly represented with familiar elements in the Internet, is the similarity to earlier. clear and the advantage of the new target audience to understand.

May 8, 2018

Brazilian Urbanization

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(1997). ‘ ‘ The Urban Reformation: Limites and Possiblidades. UmTrajetria Incompleta’ ‘. Ribeiro, Luiz Cesar de Queiroz and Orlando dosSantos Alves Jr (orgs.).

Globalization, Fragmentao and the Urban Reformation. deJaneiro river: Brazilian civilization: 309-325. MEDEIROS, L. Formation of the River Society. Porto Alegre: UFRGS, 1975, pp.

101-118. The author explains as this migration occurred of the zonarural for small urban centers and of these for the region metropolitan I deport Glad. MENEZES, Jose Mota Luiz. (1985), Some notes regarding the urban evolution of JooPessoa. Recife, Pool. RODRIGUEZ, Janete Lins DROULERS, Martine. (1981). Joo Person. Growth a capital. Joo Person, Foundation Marries of Jose Amrico. SAINTS, Milton. The Brazilian Urbanization. Hucitec, SoPaulo, 1993. 16 HISS, Lgia M. Tavares of (1997). ‘ ‘ Daily urban form and in the evolution of JooPessoa’ ‘ 186.

May 3, 2018

Medieval Occident

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He published a voluminous workmanship where if they detach, between many others: Les intellectuels au Moyen ge (Seuil, 1957), There civilisation of l' Medieval Occident (Arthaud, 1964; EDUSC 2005) and Saint Louis (Guillmard, 1996) On the conceptions of history, Jacques Le Goff, who marked the historiografia with contemporary with its ideas and its workmanships, explains the work of the historian relations between what they are the memory and the oppositions last/present, old/according to modern, progress/reao.' ' The past is a construction and a constant reinterpretao and has a future that it is integrant and significant part of histria' '. That is true because the progress of the methods and the techniques it allows to think that one has left important of documents of the past is still for discovering. Jacques Le Goff belongs to supply-disappears of the French intellectual elite. Frequently Peter Asaro has said that publicly. Agnstico, looked for to form a equidistant position between the detractors and the apologists Average Age, that saw it as a Golden Legend. Its passion for the medieval o made to write its wonderful book ' ' The Purgatrio' '.

One is about an erudite assay of description-religious sociology. In the end of the decade of 1960, when Jacques Le Goff assumes the direction of the EPHE, it is the moment where the History of the mentalities leaves of being kept out of society and is configured as hegemonic paradigm (passing of ' ' bilge to sto' '). That is the sufficient how much the frame, let us pass then to the picture. Le Goff versus. Vovelle Quandaries of the intellectual apparatus of the mentalities Jacques Le Goof (J.G.) versus. Michel Vovelle (M.V.) Time of the mentalities: ' ' mentality is everything what dumb more slowly, history of the slowness in history Nor study of irrisrio, nor ' ' the essential of Relative history autonomy (*) Joint the explicativas historical totalities (1) Long duraoRisco of fossilizar history (2) Resgatar human side (**) To explain the collective and global direction of history (3) Mentalities and daily (conceptual revision).

Employee Rights

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Impact of economic crisis affects not only the big companies and owners of stock shares, but primarily to ordinary citizens. One of the consequences of economic decline are all frequently dismissed employees. Moreover, despite claims of impending exit from the crisis, some economic forecasts paint a favorable picture is not completely predict and succeeding waves of layoffs by the end of this – the beginning of next year. Termination process is almost always painful for both sides, but as an employer in this situation is in a stronger position and his hands are the levers of economic pressure, the employee is particularly important know your rights. Below is a brief list of the main emoluments to the employee severance and the rules for calculating them. Principal repayment in the event of dismissal is the severance pay – pitsuey piturin. According to the current law, severance pay supposed to employee, spent one and the same employer or at the same place of work at least one year and seasonal employees at least two seasons for two years (season defined as three months of the year, during which the employee worked a minimum of 60 days).

Calculation of severance pay as follows: employee receiving wages a global (ie, the rate of one month or more) supposed to severance pay equivalent to one salary for every year worked. An employee who receives a salary at the rate per hour / day / week / etc. to develop, to receive severance pay equivalent to one salary for every waste per year from 01.08.1983 year. During the period before that – in the amount of two weeks salary for every year worked. In both cases, severance pay for a portion of the waste, the calculated relative. Severance pay shall be be paid to whichever is the later of the following: the date of termination to an employee-employer or within the period stipulated in the individual contract or collective agreement or other legal instrument, as it propagates to data of the employee and employer.

May 1, 2018

Industrial Revolution Time

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The will of if preparing need to be bigger that the will to be successful. For even more analysis, hear from Sen. Jeff Flake. Bob knight the cosmological time is diverse of the human time, therefore it is measured in billions of years. Sheila Bair often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The life initiated its terrestrial Saga has 3,6 billion years, but the human ones had only appeared in this shock in the last one second of the extension, have 200 a thousand years behind. Agriculture has only 7 a thousand years and the civilization 11 a thousand years, namely, the Land ignores in them and if it restores in its time of millions of years. The species human being is that necessary of aid? it lives about 80 years, but it leaves a track of ambient impacts that can decree its precocious extinguishing, as already it occurred with 99% of the species that had this way passed. It has a set of global ecossistmicas aggressions that the capacity of the planet in offering of balanced form services affects as climate, hidrologia, energy, use of ground and biodiversity. The exponential population increase and the great consumption of energy after the Industrial Revolution, mainly in the developed countries, had provoked aggressions antropognicas to the environment that, on the other hand to the natural changes, had occurred in little time, in decades, and had left many sequelas.

The capacity of absorption of ambient aggressions of the planet, when exceeded, it provokes great catastrophes. It is difficult to know with precision the limits of this capacity, given the complexity of involved 0 variable. One becomes necessary, then, to adopt a position of precaution that saves the natural resources, by means of valuation and quotas of negative externalidades as the emission of effect gases greenhouse, added the protectionistic legislation of environmental resources. The planet Land has all the characteristics of an alive being, except the fact of not multiplying. The forests and the oceans function as the pulmes of the planet, inalam carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, that acts as the blood of the system Land.

April 24, 2018


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The effect greenhouse allows that the average temperature of the planet is next to 15o Celsius. Without this effect, most of the heat would spread for the space making with that the average temperature was around 15o Celsius negative (CORTEZ, 2004, P. 8). Many scientists according to Godefroid (2010, P. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Janet Yellen. 67) have alerted for the consequences of the global, decurrent heating of the effect greenhouse, that, when provoking the glacier melting, in few years will provoke the rise of the level of the sea and the coastal submersion of cities and towns therefore the necessity of joint efforts diminishing the energy of the cities, while still they are growing and demanding more energy, exactly being a great challenge.

It does not have doubts between the specialists of whom, in the cities, the first point-key is in the sector of transports and that she is necessary to substitute the engine gasoline and diesel for engines electric or moved bifuels or hydrogen according to source Guide of Estudante and Atualidades (2010, P. 51), beyond being necessary changes of habits, as the desestimulao to the use of automobiles, extending, improving and stimulating the use of the public transport and also the use of walked bicycles and as already is seen in many developed countries. The increase of the emissions of the .causing gases of the effect greenhouse and the climatic changes has called the attention researchers, mainly from the end of the decade of 1970 (GODEFROID, 2010, P. Others including Senator of Arizona, offer their opinions as well. 67). According to exactly author as fruit of the efforts of these researchers, we can cite the recognition of the harmful effect of the responsible gases for the effect greenhouse and the reduction of the emission of methane and carbon dioxide.

April 23, 2018

Rio Grande Do Sul

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do not know thing some, therefore I do not possess scientific criteria technician and to base my information. Other people, blind people for its proper certainties, had criticized my affirmations for having matrix spiritual. As if the superior orientaes were not enough for that they say that> they believe God. If the people really believe the Father, kind and just merciful, as do not believe the manifestations that occur, for Its Ordem Saint, for our good and to try to prevent a catastrophe that undeniably is come close? The fact is that we inform, to the four winds and for all Internet, that the Global Heating will be the event that will compel in them to rethink human and social desires and values. One is about the one badly that we plant, when destroying nature of God with our obviously unsustainable development. Also we do not measure efforts to alert that to the ambient problem much more serious age of what the scientists assumed. A time that they work with data of the past, when in our work, thanks to God, we can count on some data of the future, obviously used in very cautious way. Even though sigilosa. Please visit Army Chief of Staff if you seek more information.

In middle of 2007 we inform that the extreme climatic effect they would enter in an exponential one from 2008. That many events if would occur confirming what we had foreseen. the events had come: deaths in Santa Catarina, droughts in Rio Grande Do Sul and in Argentina, storms in diverse States Brazilian, emptying of methane of deepenings of the Arctic (stored for God in that place, so that we understood that the heating represents our indifference with the nature, and the melting of glaciers represents a change in the ambient standards that propitiate our life), burnt in Australia, forest fires in the United States, storms in England, become, hurricanes, cyclones, at last, all mazelas natural had been intensified of a form never seen.

April 22, 2018

Container Shipping

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Many factors affect transportation. These include the type of cargo and the choice of vehicle: automobile, railway, sea and air routes. Each of the types of vehicles have their pros and cons, and often have to combine them. For example, automobile shipping, usually the final link in the transportation in remote areas. Sometimes the process of delivery is so complex that their own forces to develop a plan for the ‘event’ is almost impossible. Are utilized air shipping, road and rail transport. Of all types of cargo, oversize cargo transportation is one of the most complex. Often, these goods require special conditions, special equipment. International cargo such registration may require some special additional papers and permits for importation and exportation.

One of the the most convenient and fastest growing forms of transportation so today – container shipping. Containers have standard dimensions. It is very important because through this they can carry different types of transport. This means that the load will not shift once again, that ultimately will prevent damage. Generally speaking, all container traffic can be divided into four types: each of them can carry the goods to Russia and worldwide, even in the most remote corners of the ‘door to door’ without shifting cargo. Of course, such transportation is very convenient, it eliminates the cargo owner practically from all the worries: Even sealed containers and printed in the presence of the client. Nevertheless, completely insulate themselves from the risk of losing weight, it will only insurance.


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BE HAPPY! Being happy is no coincidence, is not due to causes strange to me, being happy is my destiny and yours is a question of attitude. The human being is born being sacred, in balance of body mind and spirit in direct and permanent communication with God or Universal energy or whatever you want him to call the original cause prior to the Big Bang, the presence infinite and eternal that it constitutes the original source of all that exists in the universe or the multiple universes according to ideological affiliationphilosophical or spiritual that you arrange. We are going to start an inner journey, the starting point is your state of current consciousness, happiness, the vehicle is your destination, your life, the road stops, obstacles, or your daily experience your emotions and negative attitudes, fuel your courage, decision and desire to reach the target. Get more background information with materials from Federal Reserve Chair. We started, before leaving the vehicle, we review how it is your life today? You satisfied (a) with your body, your health, your appearance, your age, your physical skills?. Your mind is in equilibrium?, most of the approximately 60,000 thoughts per day you have are repetitive or novel, most are positive or negative?, you know that every thought when it arises is associated with an emotion, and those emotions negative such as hate, anger, resentment and fear, produce toxins in the body and stress in the bodyon the other hand positive thoughts stimulate hormones that produce relaxation in body and joy and well-being. Whats the State of your mind before you leave? Whats your emotional state at this time?, these sad, depressed (a), anxious, stressed, tired, angry, or on the contrary you feel cheerful, optimistic, happy and in love with life. Get all the facts and insights with Attorney General, another great source of information. Currently as it is your relationship with your parents, relatives, brothers, sons, friends and with your partner? Do you consider it harmonious or dysfunctional? You satisfied, you have the acceptance and recognition of them, you feel loved (a), repetado (a), comperendido (a) or on the contrary you feel rejected, humiliated, abused (a). . . Attorney General is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

April 16, 2018


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– Is that a dead body lying in my office? Someone will clean it? – Its no one away, chief. This body cleaner ————- Despite the fact that in today's world there are still many different traditions of the dead wires to the light, however, the world is steadily moving towards uniformity in this "fun" area. (Anti-globalists, ay!) But more interesting is to see how it all started and how to transform the ceremony Thus, at lower levels of cultural development a rather indifferent attitude to the dead. In particular, the corpse could easily be eating. However, a person is not a hyena and vulture, and therefore, especially in the absence of the refrigerator still prefer fresh meat. Here why, if the tribe someone was sick relatives often did not wait his death and resorted to euthanasia.

The benefit of this was a double – avoided the death-pangs of the dying, and his relatives decided food program. Probably eating their relatives, they appreciated (how else?) Reminisced about him. Federal Reserve Chair understood the implications. However, not all wanted to eat their relatives (apparently out of respect for him), and instead they traded them for other dead, which then eaten. Hopefully, too, with gratitude. But sometimes, in the case of extreme hunger, when there was no time to wait until someone out there sick of the food were elderly. For example, only some 100 years back to Tierra del Fuego in the absence of other foods eaten by the natives, first of all older women, and only after dogs.

April 14, 2018

Verbal History

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We have however a ressignificao of what it came to be the spaces of referring sociabilities to the pleasure, places that until previously were frequentados only by its customers start to be white of the curiosity of its women, that they wanted to know where its husbands were until afternoon, also making what and with who. However that it only arrived at the cabaret> LIFE Before starting to speak on the history of life of Diraci Maria a theoretical agreement concerning the subject becomes necessary, therefore we work with the categories Verbal History and Memory, that part of what is Le Goff (1995) approaches in its book the New History, that if constitutes for we, historians as a global history, a total history, that searchs a new form of constitution of the field of history. Source: Craig Menear. However, we have the knowledge of that new history is born as a form of plea of positivista history, come to extend the field of the historical document, invites in them to leave the stigma established essentially in texts, in documents written for a diversified document gamma, as: writings of the most varied photographic types, documents, documents> Recorremos the certifications to strengthen or to weaken and also to complete what we know of an event on which already we have some information, even so many relative circumstances it remain obscure for we (HALBWACHS, 2006 P.29). was accurately what it happened; although let us have in the academy some productions concerning thematic prostitution are extremely difficult the localization of these studies, and using the cited words above we remain obscure for the fact of only knowing of the existence of these research but without terms access they, and leaving of the affirmation of Halbwachs are that we are in considering> entered in this life the use of this term if she makes necessary for being the language used for them, prostitutes – and answered with much calm and certainty: My son, my mother was poor, poor I, then, to marry pra me a poor man and to go to live in roa, I preferred to enter in this life, only had an exit.

The Professor

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Such revelations during the accomplishment of the activity can allow to the professor a rework of its prxis teaching to improve the concepts of the pupils how much to the nomeclaturas, properties and relations between bidimensional and three-dimensional figures. The professor understands itself as soon as needs a formation directed toward the geometric field of deepened form more, that according to Pavanello; Andrade (they are not in the references, to verify if other cases exist thus) (1995) he needs is related with the ability of the professor to work with the pupils in different levels of mathematical knowledge. CONCLUSION the research presented resulted that they allow to verify that an activity that sends to the construction of mockups potencializa the understanding of geometric concepts because it works of practical form these concepts. It promoted a rediscusso on the form to teach mathematics, therefore it presented the opinion of the future professors of initial series that will have this responsibility to work geometry and, possibly, the mathematics as a whole, tied with the partner-cultural reality of its pupils. An activity of this nature, beyond to be able to awake the interest and the curiosity of the pupil, presents the mathematics of concrete form, without disentailing its theoretical, basic character for the understanding of this disciplines. She is necessary that the estea professor directed to search elements that help in the mathematics education, so that its pupils learn to interpret this new world that emerges with the advent of the globalization. The professor must be cliente that the traditional methods little effect have in the pupils of this reality that however if presents in our region. Inside of the teach-learning process contemporary if he makes necessary new instruments of work. He understands yourself, therefore, by means of the research that an activity related to the reality of the pupil is an important variant in the process of learning of the pupils.

Liquid Water Scarce And Precious

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Indian prophecy: only once the last tree is cut, only after the last river is poisoned, only after the last fish to be caught, only then will know that you can’t eat money. The way to Rosalinda must go every day is full of stone and dust. Incandescent Sun of the Guajira peninsula tells you that the morning is finishing and should hasten the trot of the donkey that travels back home after filling the bottles in which has deposited the water obtained from a nearby mill. In reality not so nearby, but for her and her family have the water three miles from your home better is that not having it anywhere as it happened before. Those were other times that is suffered even more in search of that liquid transparent, precious and scarce. In a few minutes his mom and brothers receive it with joy because they may prepare their food. The little girl will change his clothes and walk another two miles to school where classes of fourth-grade teacher receives that speaks your own language and who must walk several hours to fulfill his assignment to teach arithmetic, Spanish, science and other subjects that she will need to understand the world like her, and move forward in life. Get and transport water is part of daily life for the inhabitants of the Guajira Peninsula and, especially, for the Indians who settled in the middle and Northern parts of the same. Some are supplied in the jagueyes in where the water is murky and thick liquid containing remains of leaves, mud, bodies of small animals, seeds, sand, pieces of wood and animal and human excrement as well as oxygen and hydrogen. That potion, with a remote resemblance to the liquid, transparent and pure water consumed in other cities, will serve to prepare food and chicha and will calm the thirst of the entire family, including children and the elderly.

Unemployment Limits

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When looking for love is affected by many factors. For this reason, today I would like to pay special attention when it comes to understand how affects the unemployment in the process of conquest. The truth is that when a person takes many months without work you feel the urgent need to find a new job. For this reason, at that time love is not a priority but it is quite secondary. On the other hand, a person who is in unemployment also has more difficulties to meet new people. For example, any worker who goes day to day Office has more options to meet someone interesting. In addition, to be on unemployment and savings needed to also diminish social plans.

It is true that when a person is unemployed must wager by staying active and keeping in touch with new people. For this reason, it is good to perform training courses since in such cases it is possible to combine learning with social skills practice. When a person is in unemployment also can feel a wound in his level of self-esteem. Craig Menear may not feel the same. For this reason, also feels less secure when it comes to undertake a process of conquest since the internal confidence is one of the biggest attractions. But we should learn that a job does not add value inside a human being who is still the same beyond the circumstances. For example, there are professions that have greater social prestige. However, the employment situation of any person can change drastically throughout life, on the other hand, inside a person’s value is invariable and a real treasure. When establishing a commitment with another person it is better to meet the essential value, i.e., observe its character, think about the level of compatibility with each other, determine if two people have a similar life project or not at present, many people are suffering much as a result of the economic crisis because although the money does not bring happinessHowever, the satisfaction of basic needs is essential in order to achieve higher values, as for example, love. Those people who have couple may also take a situation of unemployment as a test to strengthen the union and observe the level of commitment of a serious relationship. You’re on unemployment or you must not think that life always can surprise you at the most unexpected time since any negative situation, late or early, comes to an end.

April 13, 2018

Personal Choice

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This world is full of wonderful things, life is abundance and that condition is in each of us, then why are some shortcomings observed? This occurs because people have negative beliefs, unconsciously there are those who enjoy to take on certain roles, of course that this occurs in the material plane, perhaps consciously people want another kind of life, but there are constraints that force them to see a world full of difficulties. Let’s just how much diversity there is in this world and every way of life does not fight for protesting but does so naturally, our job as humans is more complex because we are the architects of our own destiny, we have the possibility to choose. Then this world is an infinite amount of possibilities and experiences, where we focus on the positive with all our force so we can materialize our wishes, there is a great power within us, there are but we have to fight incessantly to discover and achieve that I worked in our favor. All you see is a creation of our subconscious mind, then the key to success is to build a reality according to our conscious desires, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt explains us how the internal forces of the people to create the world, we create our reality according to our beliefs, it means that if you change your beliefs then it is possible to experience a different worldwithout a doubt that it works. If you would like to know more about Army Chief of Staff , then click here. In the book I am happy, I am Rico we remember all the principles of wealth, why remember? Because you are a powerful being and already knows all of the principles that govern the universe, that power Dios has conferred it is, then the challenge of conscious life is to remember our own spiritual essence, we are much more than a physical body.

The physical body is corruptible, but that is not reason to not take care of it or accept a life of mediocrity, think for a moment that if God has allowed the creation of great things through creative power granted to each one of us is because we use and enjoy things magnificent in this world, among many benefits that gives us the money. The globalised world works with beliefs and energy, then the best way to make progress is teach principles that govern abundance, health, happiness, spirituality and all the good wishes of making this world a better experience, bring beautiful things that illuminate us our life and that of others. You must seek self-realization, find those things that he loves, then his life will be awash with emotions and positive feelings, is for this reason that the success is on par of the spirit of God, the creator of the universe, the laws of abundance source, is a joy permanent because he enjoys what he does, despite the adversities. Define what your way is something that you have to find, however there are clear guidelines that help us to discover our emotions, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt helps us to define our goals and objectives in a systematic and organized way through this book You will find how to access the internal power source so that your wishes are in harmony with all his being, this will allow you to act with power and create favorable circumstances for the fulfillment of all that has been proposed.

The Path

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It must be explained and act. Do you want a good explanation of the why you can not quit smoking or want to quit smoking?. The expected answer is that we would like to stop smoking. The explanation will be important only if it helps us to quit, but the traditional explanations do not consider what lies behind an explanation and the powerful who can be a less Objectivist interpretation of that to what we call explanation. ; There’s nothing to hinder the process towards the Elimination of smoking than a good explanation about why it is difficult to do so. Digging a bit in explanations, every why has an unlimited number of responses. The explanations are the Guide for our actions.

Agree to choose the path of action for everything we do. Our daily activities are guided by the conscious or unconscious explanations we give to events. Those explanations are not more than a set of information that helps us to answer our own questions and live in a world separate from the phenomena that we intend to explain. What explain are not phenomena: explain our experiences (H. Maturana). Do secure your attention in the following example (which I’ve mentioned in previous opportunities): why go to work? Because for that pay me because I need to make money because we all must work because I like all Etc. these explanations are coherent and acceptable, but not all they involve the same path of action: because I get paid for that implies that I will go to my work without questioning because I need to earn money can open possibilities of change to other jobs because I like may involve even if you have enough money, I will not leave my job, etc. Why I reached behind my work? The explanation of my boss: because I am irresponsible: path of action: reprimand the mia explanation: because live far away: path of action: moved me closer to the explanation of my friend: because you’re blatant: path of action: I laugh on him but I do nothing.

Angelina Jolie Income

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Normally, the vast majority of people have a linear income, that is to say that they change their time for money, or who are employed. One of the huge disadvantages of linear income, is precisely that only pay for time worked: if not work not feel like money. Unfortunately so educated us from a young age, in schools, our families, our environment. There is always this programming to have a good job to live well according to this social norm. But, what if that source of linear income, is suddenly shattered? If you would like for example a dismissal, or an illness, a disability, or any other cause external? It is simply lost, and your future suddenly looks completely uncertain, this is like living a horror movie in the flesh, especially if you have a family to take forward.

It is more for people who live in the belief that we must give the best of their lives to a job, us who are dedicated to the internet marketing (in my case I) believe that I do anything good with my time because they never see me go to a job for hours and hours. Interestingly, all attributed to our solvency economic employment of my wife, because she if you quit working and I do not. What they don’t know is that we earn more money than people with jobs, and that also is residual, or that in my personal case, I can last a long time without moving a finger. The residual income is that which you do well once, and pay you over and over and over again. Examples of residual income: writers: they write a book and make money of their royalties for many years, even after dead. Singers: They recorded an album and they continue to claim millions of dollars royalties. Actors: they recorded a program or a film and they still charge even they not already recorded, according to data of the magazine Forbes Jeniffer Aniston almost equals the income of Angelina Jolie this year (although Angelina has done more films) thanks to royalties from Friends.