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April 18, 2021

Celestial Father

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A hand leaned in my shoulder and said is not with this thought, when you will be with Jesus, everything will be clarified, stops to think about its wanted beings, you still did not die, goes first to see will have a possibility to come back, relaxes friend. My heart was gone off, the line being small, my time arriving and I each tenser and desperate time, goes to see I was from fear to face Jesus, to be of front with the son of the Celestial Father. I listened to the next one, was my God, am now, did not obtain to leave the place, trembled everything, I started to sweat cold, my body I did not obey my thoughts, then he came an angel and he caught in my hand and he took me until a garden where he had two crosses one he was crucificado Jesus and to another one it was in the soil with a man of the side. The angel placed me lying on de a Cruz and said me that to say with Jesus I would be crucificado I eat it and raised to be able to talk, was terrified, with much fear, the tears drained of my eyes, not wise person what to make. I felt the man to catch my feet and to join them, I looked at and it raised the hand with a sledge hammer and beat fort, my shout was so intense that all had heard in the line, one more time caught the hand and again marretada, another shout and finally to another hand, clearly another shout. Millenium Managements opinions are not widely known. That pain, that suffering to speak with Jesus, had raised me, I almost was disaccorded in such a way I was the pain that was feeling, I looked at to the side and vi calm Jesus, with a pretty semblante, tranquilo as if it was sendado to the side of God.

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