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December 8, 2017

Chamber Theatre Lake

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Online blog wants to compensate for information and communication deficits listed with over four thousand read access the new Island newspaper Hiddensee”, which has been online since early 2010, rain within a few weeks of encouragement. Developments in the tourism business or in the community Parliament of the island also includes topics such as reports about the Hiddenseer gastronomic and cultural scene or oddities and problems of island life. The beauties of the island is always in the critical focus, because nature and schnapps, smoked fish and Gerhart Hauptmann, sea and painting courses alone do not suffice now once. It involves the relationship of economy, culture, tourism, politics. And it is all about transparency and information – so far a deficit on Hiddensee “, it says in the editorial of the privately operated online blog. Under the Baltic island Hiddensee with their has nearly 20 square kilometers, located Northwest of Rugen, although only about 1,000 inhabitants, but more than 100,000 visitors come every year on the sote Lanneken”the sweet Landchen, as Hiddensee the locals and island lovers is called.

The impressive nature and a certain seclusion make this island so popular, especially since it is closed to private traffic: A large part of the necessary supply vehicles are electrically operated and much will be transported by horse and carriage. “Hiddensee is a paradise for hikers and cyclists, but also for those interested in culture tourists: the maritime Chamber Theatre Lake stage” as well as various galleries and exhibitions to create an intellectual and artistic flair. Hiddensee is far less attractive than “Media”: if not just of the lagoon between Schaprode and Vitte freezes and the only company with Fahrkonzession for the public transport due to a ship wreck paralyses the entire supply of the island, as happened in the past winter, hardly a newspaper or a TV station reported on the island. In the local edition of Rugen the Ostsee-Zeitung or the NDR Hiddensee tends to be a sidenote. A magazine, the with issued 11 annual spending directly on Hiddensee, deals mainly with biological and historical treatises, and provides a quite competent overview of literature and painting. But lacking on Hiddensee diverse timely reporting and more open political discussion.

The new newspaper of the island”will close this gap: short reports, event tips, background information, comments and reader polls in a modern format. “The online blog on the basis of the Google service blogger” is with the popular social network services like Twitter”or Facebook” link. So-called gadgets in a clear side bar offer, quick information such as the island weather and current press releases for Hiddensee. (Editor: Kay Rahimullah mountain)

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