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February 3, 2021


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Identify several basic types of jacks, including: hydraulic jacks, movable jacks and rack jacks. This article describes the characteristics of each. Jack – this device is basically whose purpose – lifting various loads. The design of the jack is very mobile, making it easy to carry and transport the device. In addition, it can be said about the simplicity of maintenance, as well as the reliability of the jack.

With this device you can make a smooth lifting of the load, and fix it at any level. Characteristically, while not required costs of any serious effort that achieved due to the high gear ratio between the main parts of the jack. The principal difference from the other jack lifting mechanisms (winches, cranes, etc.) is the fact that the jack located below and not from the top lifted load, which eliminates the need for various support structures, chains and ropes. Identify several basic types of jacks, including: hydraulic jacks, movable jacks and rack jacks. The characteristics of each. Jacks hydraulic type have several advantages, such as high load capacity with minimal effort, smooth operation and inhibition, structural reliability.

Hydraulic jacks consist of a body, piston, hydraulic fluid. The casing multifunktsionalen: it is not only a guiding cylinder for the piston, but also serves as a reservoir for working fluid. The main field of application of movable jacks – car repairs. Typically, this jack is supplied with a long handle that allows lifting of standing. However, it should be noted that all lifting operations can be performed only on a flat, hard surface. The design of rack and pinion jack is a one-sided rack with opronoy cup to the load. Raised on a rail cargo hold lock devices. Honours slatted jacks is easy to use, and high maintainability. Jack works equally well in both the horizontal and vertical position.

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