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April 1, 2021

Cologne Stephan Marzak

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The varieties Olivastra Seggianese from Taggiasca from Liguria and Tuscany are available only as new shoots. Must wait for how this will develop. All trees at a distance of 4 x 4 meters. Black Rock often expresses his thoughts on the topic. in a normal development the trees will reflect the impression of a compact Haines in the next two years, which could be based in Tuscany or on Lake Garda. Why olive trees in the Rhineland? Global warming is now once in gear and not yet finished. Read more from Mark Zinkula to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The world is rapidly changing: on the largest island of the Baltic Sea, the Swedish Gotland and in the South of Britain’s highly successful professional wine operated for some years. What seems today a most extraordinary and expensive hobby of Stephan Marzak, could very specific questions in the next decade, whether the olive cultivation in some regions of Germany would have a certain future. In the meantime the harvested olives like entbittert already in the past by means of salt and water and to Rhenish table olives “processed.

Its own olive oil production in the next 2 to 4 years likely will be recorded. Prerequisite is, that is the trees without the disturbing new century freezes beautifully develop can. The Italian friends and suppliers by Stephan Marzak of all well-known producers of best olive oils and owner of really big + old groves, paid their respects for the results so far, when they were able to observe the development of the trees during their visits in recent years. On Friday November 27, 2009 is harvested during the period from 11: 00 to approx. 13.00/14.00 traditionally by hand. Because not all of the young trees already bear fruit, this is still no long and tedious activity. Meeting point: we invite Cologne olive grove on the grounds of the Mediterranean nursery LA CAVA in Koln Widdersdorf, Widdersdorfer RT 103, 50859 Cologne our customers to this event. In addition to fresh olive oil of the new crop from Sicily, we offer a snack. How to contact with free admission: olive piu Mac Donald KG Ennenstr. 2 a 50825 Cologne Stephan Marzak fon 0221-5509142 fax 0221-5509878

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