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February 7, 2021


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All opposites converge in a woman's heart. Dresses, sundresses, lightweight developing blouses, skirts, blouses, hats, shoes with a rounded nose, shoes, sweaters with the 'warm' colors. By color better focus on white, pink, lilac and other pastel shades. The accessories suitable for almost everything: flowers, large fruits or berries sets, the set of soft toys and other such things. Makeup is not bright, gentle. Business. Frivolous woman deceive you lightly, but a serious disappoint seriously. Base: suits, trousers, jacket, tie and shoes.

Pants should be straight, skirts necessarily narrow, length to mid-knee and above. Strict blouses, shoes, preferably with a closed nose. Strict form-fitting dresses. The color scheme is to give preference to black, gray steel, cherry, burgundy and brown tones. It is desirable to remove the hair in a bun or smoothly combed them. Of the accessories should take handbags, belts, focusing on the skin and a variety of stylish jewelry made of gold and silver. Free (democratic, hooligan).

Dress well – it's a profession, and the one who chose her, not have time for anything else. It's all quite simple. Shorts, skirts, a variety of tops, jeans are possible (preferably with low-waisted). Accessories practically required colors in most cases, bright, saturated. Shooting is carried out in bright colors. Shoes just may polusportivnaya. General Tips: The most important thing in women's clothes – a woman who wears it. Try to choose as little shiny clothing, especially adorned with all sorts of thingies, paetkami and other shiny stuff. In most cases, it looks cheap and diverts attention from the model. In order not to complicate the perception of pictures – avoid clothes with stripes or, at minimum, take caution when you select it. T-shirts with labels, major labels, names, pictures and other erundistikoy in most cases it is better not to take with you (only if that does not require the idea of a photo shoot, for example, removing the Pin-Up photo shoot, you can afford to get tops with pin-up picture). In the process of shooting, I usually realize two images for each model, so do not make a mistake by taking a huge pile of clothes that all will be in the same style and differences will be at the level of depth of cut and colored buttons. Pofantaziruyte, create two opposite ways, such as "Wife of Colombian drug lord" and "hooligan from Zimbabwe." Clothes should not hide Your figure. The main purpose for photo shoot – do not hide the flaws of the model, and show her the basic dignity. In most cases, the more fitted garment – the more feminine you get the picture. If the emphasis in the photo shoot is reduced to portrait photography – remember, the simpler the clothes, the better. Monotonous, does not distract the attention of a minimum of decoration, but rather a complete lack of them. Under each outfit, regardless of the image, be sure to should be selected appropriately underwear (especially true bra). If this is not done, then it is better not to use a bra at all, than to have a strong picture, and the shoulders are wide swath yellow straps from underwear. This material is only a light jog on the many variations of selection of clothes for photography, as the number of varieties of images innumerable. The main thing – to know what you want, how you see yourself, some would like to see. Alternatively, when a photographer creates an image of the model, sifting through clothes and make-up instructions, etc. – it is always siding.

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