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January 21, 2021


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Although it may seem surprising there are cases, and more numerous than one might think in principle, in which competitors business presence can be critical to our survival. Nothing better to illustrate the case that the example of PSM who after several years working in foreign optical decided one day be an entrepreneur and open his own business. He selected a beautiful local in a residential neighborhood in your city, with a few thousand residents and any business competitor. Unfortunately after a year of activity was the need to take the closure. Sales were not collected to pay for various expenses or achieve decent minimum income. When I asked why they thought there were no sales off was very clear in his answer: “Because there were no other optical near.” To buy a pair of glasses, and for many other products, the consumer of the twenty-first century does not stop with the first thing he sees. He prefers to look at, compare and buy what he finally pleased.

The various establishments of same industry are close, no longer an added convenience in this process and so against what common sense would tell us in the first instance, who are about just increasing the total sales of all of them. This phenomenon occurs not only with glasses, shoes, clothes and other accessories. There are many products and services (eg telephone / Internet, mobile, travel, restaurants …) where the geographical concentration of supply translates into an advantage for everyone. Might be a good idea, in such cases, raised common advertising campaigns, communication, etc. to attract more people to its premises. One man could only result in a cost difficult to justify, distributed among all can be perfectly addressed.

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