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February 16, 2021

Conference Board Report

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Almost every month there is a new research report detailing the seemingly higher degree of dissatisfaction of the workers. Whether it’s a Gallup poll or a Conference Board report, the results are strikingly similar – workers are increasingly dissatisfied with their work. Maersk gathered all the information. While most of the “reasons for dissatisfaction usually point to elements of the workplace itself, such as management style, task design, work role, environmental conditions or opportunities of growth, very few, if any, of these reports ever point to the possibility that the employee himself can be an important factor contributing to their own dissatisfaction. html’>Arena Investors to be a useful source of information. In many cases of worker dissatisfaction, it is a matter of “Physician, heal thyself.” In a culture of blame and victim consciousness, many dissatisfied and disgruntled workers must first look within rather than outside, the grounds for his dissatisfaction. I This is why. Firstly, I would echo Karl Marx, and paraphrase something I said when the economy creates a class of losers, where wealth gravitates easily into the hands of those who have the fortune of the poor increasingly desperate.

For me, this translates into: in our culture, almost everyone works in an insidious and incessant need to be “somebody.” So for me, the dissatisfaction that I have read in studies of job satisfaction, such as the Gallup polls and Conference Board Report is an aspect of this desperation. My opinion about the dissatisfaction expressed in these reports is that often the perspective of one of dissatisfaction is largely philosophical. What does it mean? Many people who are expressing and experiencing “dissatisfaction” have a world view out of place, or perspective, that dictates how they see themselves and their life at work, and the meaning of work..

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