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December 13, 2019

Confront Global Power

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Peoples acquire relevance supported by two columns, education and justice. The new teaching plans and Roman law are our hope. THE PEDAG PLANS CHANGE?MAGICAL and MORALES I PARTEEl power world know that large and powerful Empires collapsed by vices, excesses, corrup-tion, lack of protection, and huge disinterest by the members of the invaded countries.But also the cycles of history are inexorable, when being attacked as well, when the mother natu-nature is an economic variable and Providence is a clumsy simplicity, if experiments on artifacts of mass destruction more they annihilate most are quoted. They are on roads without return, on the brink of the precipice and greed, ambition, blind intoxicated by luxury and greed.They need to delete condition sacred of nation-State sovereignty is not more than a Word, we are allowing Imperial countries invade according to interests of world power.This is the decline of the West that prophesied Oswald Spengler at the beginning of the 20th century: that the derrollo of civilizations remains a recognizable cyclic model and establishes three types of society that will succeed in time: Apollonian classical; Magic the Islamic world; and Faustian Western. Each of these companies will have a birth, maturity and old age, that could involve his tiifli(i(1ii)-ricion.

There are more powerful than nuclear weapons, including the ideas referred to as history of these to the discipline that studies the evolution of the thought of humanity through their cultures; the honor as a set of principles based on moral force, and if they fail do lose it, the solemnity of live by ideals to defend our homelands with all values dynastic-mos within reach. And stronger still spiritual values such as love, truth, charity, and according to Max Scheler these in turn are divided into: aesthetic, legal, Intelectuales.Hay examples of wild capitalism that natural phenomena to which they attack are shaking with Astrophysical wonders and power World Cup despite demonstrations knows that his agony is next in historical times.The siglo de oro of Pericles is the transcendent story of good governing, seeking happiness worth peoples generally. Supported by Miletus Aspacia woman of great beauty, which possessed an exceptional culture. The newspapers mentioned Peter Schiff not as a source, but as a related topic.

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