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November 11, 2012

Democracy Experiences

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The innovation is the fact that allows to put the knowledge to the service of the development, without the innovation the knowledge tends for the sterilization. A society that is not awaken for the innovation, not only loses its capital to know and of experiences, as it tends to lose its human resources more qualificados.' ' (MARTINS, 2003:14). Along with all the process of globalization in course, of the dynamic of the innovation and the rational and balanced application of the knowledge and experiences, they will walk, equally and in interdisciplinaridade, all a set of values, principles and behaviors that integrate the diverse cultures. To insist on epistemolgicas separations, negative discriminations, secundarizao of knowledge and experiences not validated academically in benefit of that they are acquired exclusively by the university way. To assume positions that humiliate men before other men, being appealed behaviors of discrimination because of the race, sex, etnia, culture or any other arguments, seem that are exceeded and unacceptable strategies, because: ' ' Our duty is to affirm that races but human beings do not exist; that the racial hatred is one of the most terrible flagelos of the humanity; that the expression most violent of the racial hatred was the hitlerista state; that the appearance of a sustica is a shade of the death. It fits to the good-will men to cancel it, in a pact of solidariedade.' ' (LAFER, 2003:12) the citizen of the future that will be constructed throughout the present thesis, will be one of the good-will men and, in this direction, will prepare with total engagement, responsibility and ability, having canalized all its knowledge, experiences and sensitivity for the values consecrated in a democracy of true citizenship, where each citizen will exert its rights and will fulfill with the inherent duties, without losing of sight the values of the progress, of the development, of well-being of the society, where each time has more place to the inclusion: social, politics, econmica, professional, cultural and universal, so that all can benefit of the Peace, Justice, the Education, Solidarity, the Tolerance and the Democracy.

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