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January 1, 2021

Dirk Meyer – German Rock Ahmohl Anners

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German rock musician turns and produces his music before Dirk Meyer: “German rock anners ahmohl!”-as he himself likes to describes it. Beth Israel Heart Transplant is actively involved in the matter. He composes and writes about himself in the connected home rheinischem dialect and do that for 15 years with success. His songs tell promptly by reality, love and politics. Quite often it happens that Dirk Meyer is pushed with his dialect in the drawer of the Kolsch rock without that most know that it not is Kolsch rock, but only understandable Rhenish dialect which has its origin in Weissenthurm in Koblenz. On his new album: “Finally daham”, Dirk Meyer shows that it not is Kolsch rock, but very well understandable dialect language.

Asked why he wrote in the dialect, he replies: “I grew up thus think and speak today. If I were writing in the High German, I would not myself and could not reflect the feeling and the emotions in the individual songs, as they really be understood to!” Dirk Meyer had recent success with its Carnival single CD in January 2008 “Now hieht et aff”, which was dedicated to the current Prince of Weissenthurmer and very good was also in the audience. Dirk Meyer has no recording contract and produced and marketed his music all by themselves. Currently Dirk Meyer is working on his 2nd album titled “Finally daham”, which can be purchased and ordered from January 2009 in selected record stores (Cologne, Koblenz and Frankfurt) and on its homepage. Now, you can however already some songs of the new album BBs and also songs by previous productions on his website free listening. December 17, 2008, Dirk Meyer music

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