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January 19, 2021

Domahs Clear

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Simone Domahs cleans up with promotional myth. But nobody reads long advertising copy. Who has the time to do this?”advertising copy must be short and crisp.” Not a myth holds that in advertising like this. In surveys, consumers profess to like any long advertising copy. But the practice time and again proves the contrary.

In sales! … Simone Domahs-Dresdner direct mail copywriter, whose long copy-mailing (16 pages, and more!) successfully sell for years – are clear answers to the question: Why sell long-copy mailings even with 36 DIN A 4 pages! Year after year high-quality products and services – if no one wants to read?… “So you can ask the question: why are bestseller novels or – murder mysteries – with 600 pages and more by reading friends devoured literally”? (This year 163,000 of them had the Leipzig book fair!) … Because they captivate the reader! Because they arouse emotions! … And a professional sales Mailing does just that.

Suddenly he takes the reader the time and not even realizes that he is already on page 16. The nuts and bolts thereby: The potential customer must immediately recognize a clear advantage. Why is it worth, to continue reading?”… Like the book cover also the envelope or subject line must lure prospective buyers with a clear advantage”. The reader wants to know: what is it? Why should I take the time, to read?” Also the entry must quickly get to the point. But not too fast – not with the door in the House! … NOT XY – but the potential profit investment interest the reader first and foremost! Short and crisp”applies to the sets! “In the near future the wort, is” which is true. But this is not for the text, but for the sets! Long, cumbersome sentence structures, which bore the readers or overwhelm – end up in the trash! Short, clear and simple sentences are rewarded with the potential customer with attention.

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