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November 12, 2020

Dow Jones

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Level ground of world stock markets, (level converge in which benefits and minimum multipliers), would be placed in the fork of the 6000 and 7000 points in stock markets as the Dow Jones, Nikkei or the Ibex 35, due to greater virulence and depth that presents the economic crisis and far from stratospheric current ceilings, Dow Jones: (8,540 points); EuroStoxx 50 (: 2,415); Nikkei: (9.780) and Ibex 35: (9580 points), recalling values of October of the 2008.sobreponderacion of green shoots in the economy: the euphoria of Wall Strett (and by extrapolation of the rest of world stock markets) following the results of the so-called stress tests of financial institutions conducted by the USA Administration and lower than the most pessimistic forecasts negative economic data dripthey would have helped the gestation of the legend of the green shoots or binladens (so-called because although there are no one has seen them).There would have thus been a change the conviction that now exist in the expectations of the market, financial rescue policies (support program for assets with problems (TARP) carried out by the administrations and successive decreases rates of interest of the Fed and other central banks would have eased the liquidity problems of financial institutions.Historically, bags begin their recovery between five and six months before that the economy and the latest forecasts estimate that the recession that began in December 2007 will be completed in the third quarter of 2009, right in the deadlines which warrantee the bullish rally started on March 9, and that it could have its continuity until the last quarter of 2009, which combined with the increasing correlation of markets would explain the similar comeback stock market indices from one side of the Atlantic, (in the United States, the S & P 500 has recovered 25% in the last month, compared to 24% of the Eurostoxx50, and 27% of the Ibex.35).The upturn generalized in the prices of commodities could reflect a change in the tendency of economic conditions within the global arena. . s the source. .

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