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May 30, 2013

Downtown East Village

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Considered one of the largest cities in the province of Alberta, in Canada. Mainly, stands out at tourist level, eco-tourism and extreme sports in snow season. The city of Calgary is considered one of the most important in Canada, located in the province of Alberta. Its name, derived from a beach situated in Scotland, more precisely, on the Isle of Mull. In actuality, Calgary has an estimated population of over 1.342.890 inhabitants, who enjoy owning a region characterized by numerous hills and plateaus, conducive to carry out all kinds of extreme sports in season of fall of snow, only 80 Km away from the location of the Rocky Mountains. As a curious fact, Calgary was nominated, according to official data collected by celebrate magazine Forbes, in 2007, as the cleanest city in the world.

Comprised of a figure that surpasses the 180 districts, Calgary has these main districts, situated in the Centre of the city: Eau Claire, the Downtown core, Chinatown, Downtown East Village and Downtown commercial core. If it is cultural diversity, the city stands out for this, and proven evidence of that you will have, since we recommend to get close to the area of Chinatown, to taste their dishes, or to Little Italy, area located in Bridgeland. The option is also, take an appropriate time for exploring the Centre, consisting of bars, shops, cafes and restaurants, highlighting the td Squire, where incidentally, is possible to reach the 4 floor and know the shocking Devonian, the Stephen Avenue, garden and going beyond, enjoy a visit at the Zoo, look at local art gallery or the Calgary Tower. Depending on the time you are making tourism here, you commented that the city tends to develop various annual festivals, such as the Calgary Stampede, the GlobalFest or the festival of folk music, choice of supporters of that genre. With an emphasis on culture, tentaremos with the Museum glenbow, the Olympic Hall of Fame’s Canada and delve into the scenic depths of the plays performed in establishments of Calgary’s theatre. Others as many bids to take into account are the Spruce Meadows, referring to the center of horse riding for the daring, and if they seek only leisure and entertainment, the idea is to reach the complex’s Southcentre Mall, Market Mall, Sunidge Mall, etc. Rodolfo Lima, specialist travel original author and source of the article

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