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January 10, 2021

Eastern Europe

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It thus expressed the essential idea that has promoted all the careers of arms known in history. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from American Financial Advisors LLC. Weapons and intentions they form a binomial that has always been complex discussions in the larger States. Because of this, the military intelligence agencies are struggling to obtain accurate and complete information on both aspects at the same time. Against what they claimed Prussian iron Chancellor, must be borne in mind that intentions are that direct weapons. Russian military analysts argue today over whether the main enemy of their country is to the West or to the East. Less worry about NATO, proposed by some, and more cater to the eastern territories of the State, so close to China and North Korea.

Aware, on the other hand, the relative weakness of Russian conventional forces, they do not see with good eyes the Obama proposal, because only the nuclear power that can display Moscow allows you to mingle with United States, China and other major powers. Weapons or intentions is, therefore, the issue to resolve, as old as military strategy. Do try to Obama strengthen global military hegemony of the United States, forcing the relative reduction of nuclear arsenal? Russian? Do try to Pyongyang improve its position before tackling the difficult talks on nuclear disarmament? Do try to Russia maintain its zone of influence in Eastern Europe before the NATO advance? Do try to NATO strengthened its role as a universal police at the service of the West? Weapons are physically real; they are there, they are photographed, are analyzed, its qualities are known. If used, it is possible to predict its effects. This is what I knew Bismarck. But and intentions? They are also real and sustained by the decisions of leaders who use weapons, although it is not easy to know them. The old diplomacy moved in this area; the same that make modern espionage services. It is worth remembering here one of the best definitions of power have been formulated: power is what makes the intentions of my rivals that I desire. In these we remain for many centuries. Alberto Piris General of artillery in the reserve original author and source of the article.

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