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March 22, 2014

Electronic Invoices In Mexico

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You must of knowledge that Mexico is one of the countries that have norm of electronic invoicing and between the countries that have this, vary the conditions, is why specific you here what it settles down specifically in Mexico. The electronic invoicing is in this country, the digital representation of a type of supporting digital public prosecutor who is become attached to the standards defined by the Service of Tributary Administration and which can be transmitted, be generated and be protected resorting to any type of electronic means. Each one of the invoices that are emitted, will have to count on certificate and a digital seal that not only assures its origin, but also gives the necessary validity him before the SAT. After the reform of the Fiscal Code of Federation the past 28 of June of 2006, certain aspects of regulation for the benefit of services of emission and shipment of supporting digital public prosecutors were determined. With that reform, the Service of Tributary Invoicing establishes 3 forms to invoice: 1. Invoicing through own means 2.

Invoicing through gratuitous application of the SAT: Micro 3. Invoicing by means of an authorized supplier by the SAT thus to provide the service of emission and gives of supporting public prosecutors.

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